ClickVue Launches “The Money Makers” Video Collection to Help Financial Institutions Boost Accounts and Deposits

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Five Essential Videos for Boosting Growth in the Financial Industry

Raleigh, NC (PRUnderground) April 25th, 2023

ClickVue, a leading provider of marketing videos for banks and credit unions, has announced the launch of a new collection of videos called “The Money Makers”. These videos are designed to help financial institutions increase their customer base and deposits. The collection includes five videos, each focusing on a specific topic that is essential for driving growth in the financial industry.

The first video in the collection is “How to Open a New Account”. This video is designed to teach new customers how to sign up online, including the process of becoming a member for credit unions. With more customers opening accounts online, this video is a must-have for any financial institution looking to grow its customer base.

The second video, “Open an Account for Your Child”, teaches parents how to add accounts for their children. This is an important topic for financial institutions, as it helps to build loyalty to their brand from an early age.

The third video, “Direct Deposit”, walks customers through the process of signing up for direct deposit. This not only increases deposits, but it is also a sticky application that encourages customers to stay with their financial institution.

The fourth video, “First Time Login to Online Banking”, helps new customers get started with online banking services. This is a crucial step in building loyalty and encouraging customers to use online banking as their primary method of managing their accounts.

The final video comes in two forms: “Join Our Community Bank” and “Join Our Credit Union”. These videos list the advantages of being part of a community bank or credit union, depending on which one applies. This information can be very helpful in attracting new customers and encouraging existing customers to stay with their financial institution.

Marketing directors at banks and credit unions can learn more about “The Money Makers” video collection by visiting, calling 919-787-1615, or emailing

“We are excited to launch ‘The Money Makers’ video collection, which we believe will be an invaluable tool for financial institutions looking to grow their customer base and deposits,” said Scott Hanson, President of ClickVue. “These videos are informative, engaging, and easy to understand, and we believe they will be a valuable addition to any marketing strategy.”

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ClickVue has been creating marketing videos for banks and credit unions for over 18 years. Their videos are designed to help financial institutions grow their customer base, increase deposits, and build loyalty. For more information, visit

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