Climate Change Creates Severe and Localized Weather Events to Manage

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Jacob’s Ladder designs roofing and restoration services that consider modern climate factors.

Lexington, KY (PRUnderground) August 8th, 2022

Jacob’s Ladder proudly serves Central Kentucky with professional roof inspection, repair, restoration, and installation. As the seasons change, the demands on this part of the structure increase as moisture and heat create expansion and retraction.

Climate change enhances the effects the weather has on the roof. When the temperature swings are more severe, additional opportunities for items to break loose develop. A prolonged heat dome can lead cold fronts that bring severe storms, increased tornado events, or high-speed straight-line winds that can damage roofing materials quickly.

The modern roof should receive professional inspection services at least once per year to ensure it delivers appropriate protection. It should also receive attention whenever a severe weather event blows through Central Kentucky.

Although Kentucky is an inland state, the effects of climate change can still create unique challenges. The Environmental Protection Agency notes that increases in droughts and flooding are expected. “Floods may be more frequent, and droughts may be longer, which would increase the difficulty of meeting the competing demands for water from the Cumberland, Tennessee, and Ohio Rivers,” the agency said.

Kentucky may have experienced less warming than most of the United States in recent years, but prevention measures must continue. When these interventions occur locally, the effect can be magnified across each community, region, state, and country. Roofing plays a direct role because it serves as the first line of defense for precipitation management and solar heat rejection.

The state is already seeing how climate change affects the local environment, even with the localized prevention cycles offering a buffer against what others experience. The declines of beech, birch, and maple trees show that less forest canopy protection is available. This issue adversely impacts soil health, making the dirt inadequate for supporting li

One hot day is all it takes to place more stress on the heart and the nervous system. High temperatures allow more ground-level ozone to form, triggering lung irritation and smog-related problems.

Climate change even impacts how long a roof can support a home or commercial building. Between 2015 to 2019, the number of hail and wind damage claims rose 34% in the United States, with the average price of each repair ranging from $8,000 to $22,000.

Jacob’s Ladder provides relevant information on its website and blog to cover climate change issues in Central Kentucky and what that means for the services each client needs. This information is accessible at

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