Climate-Friendly Roofing Is More Accessible Than Ever to Kentucky Residents

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Jacob’s Ladder delivers complete roofing and restoration services through an eco-friendly approach.

Lexington, KY (PRUnderground) September 27th, 2022

Jacob’s Ladder delivers eco-friendly roofing and restoration services to home and business owners throughout Central Kentucky. These solutions provide each property with several potential benefits while creating opportunities to protect the local environment.

The advantages of eco-friendly roofing become apparent almost immediately after installation.

  • Modular Construction. Modern roofing products come with standardized designs to ensure the installation work is completed quickly. That means less time having the contractor at a property, allowing for a return to the regular routine faster than other solutions offer.
  • Less Waste. A climate-friendly approach allows Jacob’s Ladder to create more efficient plans for each project’s requirements. If panels are already prepared for installation, fewer small parts and cuttings are left behind to be transported to local landfills.
  • Better Lifespan. Many eco-friendly roofing products today provide a longer manufacturer-rated lifespan than a standard asphalt shingle. Some designs include built-in insulation to limit pest infestations or leaks.

Climate change enhances the weather events Kentucky experiences. When temperature swings occur, the expansion and contraction of roof components create more wear and tear that can cause items to rupture or become loose. Additional storms throughout the season can lead to fast straight-line winds, large hail, and more lightning strikes.

“I’ve starred in a lot of science fiction movies and, let me tell you, climate change is not science fiction,” actor and former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger once said. “This is a battle in the real world; it is impacting us right now.”

When heatwaves and cold spells become longer, the first component of a home or commercial building that experiences problems is often the roof. An annual inspection can help to catch potential problems early, but it takes a proactive approach to ensure the materials continue to provide protection.

That’s why roofing systems with 10-year workmanship warranties like those that Jacob’s Ladder offers are essential investments today.

Climate change does more than alter weather patterns. It can cause significant flooding, like the events experienced in Eastern Kentucky. “The storm totally annihilated Perry County’s infrastructure,” said Sheriff Joe Engle. “Water, telephone, internet, electricity, all the basic roads, all the basic things you build a community around have just disappeared.”

When flooding or other environmental damage occurs to homes or commercial buildings, restoration work is often necessary. Jacob’s Ladder delivers disinfection, odor removal, fire and smoke damage treatment, storm repair, and mold removal services. These interventions work to provide or restore access to affected buildings as quickly as possible.

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About Jacob’s Ladder Roofing and Restoration

The Jacob’s Ladder Team specializes in various restoration services, including roofing, water damage restoration, emergency services (roof inspections, property restoration due to storms other incidents, and more). In 2016, Jacob’s Ladder was voted the best damage restoration contractor, not only in Lexington KY, but on a national scale.

What separates Jacob’s Ladder from other contractors and restoration specialists is the volume of high-quality services in which we offer. For example, although we take pride in our roofing services, we also provide expert damage restoration, helping residents all over Kentucky when they need us most. With unrivaled skills, a friendly team, and the desire to help others as a result of natural disasters or other events, Jacob’s Ladder is here for you. To find out more about the team, our mission, and the services on offer, you can visit our about us page.

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