Cognni Joins the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association to Bring Information Intelligence to a Wider Audience

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Cognni Adds Information Intelligence to Microsoft Information Protection

Tel Aviv, Israel (PRUnderground) July 29th, 2020

Cognni, a pioneer in delivering information intelligence with meaningful insights to organizations, has announced that it recently joined the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association. This move is a key step in changing how information intelligence can be used to make managing infosec simple. Cognni looks at information sharing from a security perspective, offering human-like intelligence to understand complex business situations and to make cloud collaboration security easier. Cognni expands risk detection from looking where risks are suspected to happen to finding risks that no one even knew existed.

Cognni’s unique platform allows infosec teams to make sense of shared activities by mapping, detecting and then investigating exposures. Taking a more proactive and multifaceted approach to information recognition, Cognni’s AI learns which interactions are acceptable within Microsoft 365. The platform broadens the scope of information scanned for risk detection, looking beyond policies based on best practices and regulation. By looking at the largely uncharted field of sensitive, yet non-regulated information, Cognni can autonomously identify risky behavior that a company wouldn’t even know about.

“We’re making the digital transformation easier and smoother for organizations by simplifying complex cloud security. We give infosec teams more visibility and increase their ability to overview information sharing without getting stuck in the details,” says Guy Eisdorfer, Cognni co-founder and CEO. “It’s an honor to be a part of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association. Thanks to this membership, Cognni can help companies understand what information means in context and take the right action to protect their sensitive information.”

Benefits of adding Cognni to a Microsoft tenant:

  • Simplifies work life by offering one place to view all insights, and highlighting incidents worth deeper analysis.
  • No user involvement, which means no disruption to business users.
  • Accelerates cloud migration and Microsoft Clous App Security (MCAS) usage, making cloud collaboration and remote work easier.
  • Allows company resources to be used more efficiently – Cognni does the work that would take a team 100’s of hours to complete.
  • Runs out of the box, in minutes. No rigorous training or implementation required.
  • Expands scope of information mapping, finding risks outside of predefined policies.
  • Enables accurate policy creation, setting or reconfiguring of policies to reflect actual work environment.

Says Ryan McGee, Director of Product Marketing for Security, Microsoft Corp: “Members of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association, like Cognni, offer solutions that defend against a world of increasingly sophisticated, fast-moving threats. The integration of Microsoft 365 with their solutions allows us to work together to help customers navigate the security landscape.”

About Cognni

Founded in Tel Aviv in 2017, Cognni offers an AI-powered platform, enabling InfoSec teams to make sense of information sharing activities with autonomous mapping, detecting and investigation tools. The company is a member of the prestigious Microsoft Intelligent Security Association and a pioneer of Information Intelligence, which enables companies to automate their M365 tools including MIP, MCAS and Sentinel. Cognni ensures all of a company’s important information risks are visible and automates policies configured accordingly, putting InfoSec on Autopilot.

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