Colorado Skin & Vein To Offer Drive-Thru COVID-19 Testing

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Colorado Skin & Vein will begin offering COVID-19 testing on a drive-thru basis in May.

Denver, CO (PRUnderground) April 23rd, 2020

Colorado Skin & Vein in partnership with Rocky Mountain Pathology Consultants will begin offering two types of COVID-19 testing on a drive-thru basis beginning in May for the safety and convenience of Englewood and Greater Denver residents.

These are unprecedented times, and Dr. David Verebelyi and the Colorado Skin & Vein Team are doing everything possible to help patients get access to testing. Much of the current public anxiety revolves around knowing if you have been exposed and testing—where to get it, how to get tested without exposing oneself to others, and how long the results take to receive.

Colorado Skin & Vein has been working tirelessly for the last month to develop one day, accurate tests using the same equipment and testing as the CDC and Colorado Department of Health. Antibody tests are available now for drive up testing, you don’t even need to leave your car. This test shows immunity if you think you have been exposed and can allow you to return to work and social environments with confidence. Genetic tests for those who think they are currently sick will be available in early May. 

For both tests, the results will be available to patients the next day. The Antibody test and the genetic test are priced at $75 each. Free testing will be available for those patients who meet specific criteria.

As one of the few private practices in the Denver-metro area offering tests to the public, Dr. Verebelyi and the Colorado Skin & Vein team have worked hard to navigate the significant  challenges surrounding COVID testing. Obstacles like lab certification, supply chain and equipment acquisition, test efficacy, lack of government guidance and appropriate reporting methods are major reasons why more offices are not able to offer these tests. 

The sooner we can determine everyone’s status, the sooner everyone will be comfortable getting back to normal life. We understand how scary this situation is for many, and at Colorado Skin & Vein, we’ve committed to help our patients through this by making affordable, accurate testing as widely available as possible.

Colorado Skin & Vein and Dr. Verebelyi have made it a priority to bring our patients the same technology available from the Center for Disease Control and Colorado Department of Public Health We are parlaying that into focusing on COVID-19 tests for the health and wellness of our patients in Englewood and Denver. Frequently the first clinic in Colorado (and even the United States) to bring state-of-the-art treatments and medications to our patients, we’re always striving to treat our patients with the most up-to-date treatments and care available. In these changing times, our commitment is first and foremost to our patients. If you’re concerned about COVID-19, are exhibiting symptoms, or have come in contact with someone who’s tested positive and would like confirmation of your status, contact us today to schedule your drive-thru appointment as soon as testing becomes available at Colorado Skin & Vein.

To schedule your drive-thru COVID-19 testing, please call our Englewood office at (720) 463-1535. Colorado Skin & Vein serves the Englewood and Denver, CO areas with distinction and pride.

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Your skin is a complicated organ and there is a wide variety of light sources and treatments, so you need to find someone you trust. Dr. Verebelyi is a nationally recognized authority on laser technologies who trains other doctors all over the U.S. and Canada. He helped create the Fundamentals of Laser Surgery course given by the American Society of Laser Medicine (ASLMS) where he is also an instructor. He is a Fellow at the ASLMS, member of the American College of Phlebology, a Diplomat at the American Board of Family Medicine, and a member of Mensa. Colorado Skin and Vein has been performing light-based procedures in Denver for almost a decade and has been one of the leaders in bringing new technology to Colorado.

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