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Colorado Springs DUI Attorney Alexis Austin Warns of Statewide DUI Crackdowns

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With Labor Day and the summer season in the rearview mirror, some of the most dangerous holidays and weekends for DUI crashes are behind us.

Colorado Springs, CO (PRUnderground) October 26th, 2022

In years past, increases in checkpoints and patrols for Labor Day Weekend alone have resulted in up to 1,000 DUI arrests in Colorado. But even after Labor Day, fatal car accidents like the one that occurred on September 11, 2022, in the Barnes and Charlotte Parkway area underscore the need for continued checkpoints and monitoring well after the end of the summer season. 

Colorado State Patrol Chief Col. Matthew C. Packard said the best option for avoiding a DUI is preparation and planning. 

"There's no margin for error when you're driving. Your reaction time and ability to stay in your lane are impacted by consuming alcohol or drugs," Packard noted. "Make the choice to do the right thing and plan ahead for a sober ride."

As fall quickly approaches, increased DUI enforcement won't slow down in Colorado Springs.


Saturation Patrols Surround Fall Festivals 

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDT) reports Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) Impaired Driving Enforcement Period Plans for saturation patrol surrounding a variety of fall festivals. This could mean DUI checkpoints or increased patrols watching for suspected impaired drivers on Thursdays through Saturdays through October. 

There was similar heightened DUI enforcement in 2020 surrounding the state's fall festivities. Increased enforcement between September 11 and October resulted in 1,398 DUI arrests statewide, with 191 arrests by CSPD alone. 


Holiday Weekends Are Prime Time for DUI Enforcement

Similar DUI enforcement periods are planned for Halloween weekend 2022 and the weekends before and after Thanksgiving. Parties and holiday gatherings are common on these weekends, meaning more people will consume alcohol. 

With more people on the road in the evenings, DUI crashes become a significant risk.

More than 350 impaired drivers were arrested over Thanksgiving weekend in 2020, and one DUI crash resulted in a fatality.


What Colorado Springs Residents Can Do

The most crucial thing Colorado residents can do statewide is to plan ahead and avoid driving altogether when consuming alcohol. Set up ride plans with trusted friends and acquaintances or take advantage of services like Uber.

"There are many options you can choose instead of getting behind the wheel impaired, but it takes planning and accountability," said Darrell Lingk, Director of CDOT's Office of Transportation Safety. "Call a friend or loved one, or use a rideshare service. Just don't drive when you're drinking or using cannabis—your safety and the safety of others depends on the decisions you make."

Keep up-to-date with heightened DUI enforcement periods through social media or news outlets. Avoid driving during those times, as this is when impaired drivers are anticipated to be on the roads. 


What If You Get a DUI in Colorado Springs?

For those who find themselves in the unfortunate situation of being arrested for a DUI, it's important to remember that you have rights. 

“Colorado Springs area residents should always take precautions to avoid DUI charges, but we understand that anyone can make a bad choice or a mistake,” said Alexis Austin, an attorney with Right Law Group. “In the event that you are facing a DUI charge, it’s crucial to have legal guidance through the process.”

Police DUI protocols are standard across all districts, particularly regarding the initial stop, sobriety tests, chemical tests, and arrests. Should the arresting officer deviate from the uniformity of these protocols, this could be a possible defense in court if charges are filed.

Hire a Colorado Springs DUI attorney to be sure you're treated fairly, and your rights haven't been violated during the DUI stop, testing, and arrest process.


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