Comfort Without the Cost: The Attic Doctor’s ‘Comfy Combo’ Is Helping SoCal Home Owners Keep Cool Without Running AC

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The Attic Doctors’ Strategic Combo Helps Homeowners Stay Cool, Save Up to 30% on Energy Bills, and Eliminate Potential Health Hazards In Their Home

Anaheim, CA (PRUnderground) September 29th, 2022

In the past two months, Southern California has been slammed with one heatwave after another. As Californians desperately try to escape the heat, many simply cannot afford to run their air conditioning 24/7, or they simply do not own a central air conditioning system. So how can one keep their home cool in the hot California months without breaking the bank? The Attic Doctors, Orange County’s premier attic insulation cleaning and replacement provider is helping homeowners across SoCal stay cool and save money with their #1 best seller – the “Comfy Combo”.

“Old kitchen floor will not hurt you but your attic might. The attic is the most health vital space that deserves your attention and investment.” – Mark Dawson

The Comfy Combo is empowering homeowners to beat the heat, save an average of 30% on their energy bill, eliminate potential health hazards from their homes, and achieve better indoor air quality. This strategic four-step home improvement plan is a one-time investment that yields lifetime benefits. The Comfy Combo features:

Step 1: Attic Cleaning — The Attic Doctors send their team in to clean, sanitize, disinfect and clear out any debris from old insulation in preparation for the replacement. Next, the Doctors will install blow-in insulation, which is cellulose insulation, or install brand new Pink Owens Corning R38 fiberglass insulation (highly recommended by the Doc). 

Step 2: Ductwork Removal and Replacement — Clean, Sleek, Balanced, and Insulated. The Doctor will install silver jacket flexible ductwork throughout the entire air system, and homeowners will not only feel the difference, but they will also experience the difference in a matter of seconds.

Step 3: Attic Radiant Barrier Installation — Keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It is no secret that heat travels, but the key is understanding how it travels and getting it to travel to the right places at the right times. The Attic Doctors Radiant Barrier Installation provides the perfect temperature buffer to keep everyone in the home comfy all year around.

Step 4: Free Smart Quiet Cool Fan — The Doctor is giving away the most effective quiet cool smart fan for free as a bonus for the Comfy Combo.

Family-operated, The Attic Doctors are an exclusive team of C-2 insulation contractors, C-20 HVAC, and B1 General contractors who house the knowledge, skills, and experience to see homes from a different perspective. This unique eye for detail has birthed a new era of holistic home comfort solutions in the Orange County region.

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About The Attic Doctors

The Attic Doctors are Orange County’s premier attic insulation cleaning and replacement providers, curating safe, comfortable, and energy-efficient homes for clients since 1993. Leveraging over 30 years of industry experience, the family-owned company of C-2 insulation contractors, C-20 HVAC, and B1 General contractors is a one-stop-shop for all comfort needs. Providing Attic Cleaning, Attic Insulation Removal, Rodent Removal, Sealing and Disinfecting, and many other energy-efficient home solutions, The Attic Doctors are the best in the region for implementing Radiant Barrier, Quiet Cool House, and Exhaust Fans, as well as a plethora of HVAC Services.

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