Communispond Announces Sales Presentation Skills Anywhere, a New Course Ideal for Remote Sales Teams

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Sales Presentation Skills Anywhere™ is the virtual instructor-led version of Communispond’s renowned sales presentation course, Sales Presentation Skills™.

East Hampton, NY (PRUnderground) April 17th, 2017

Communispond Inc., the leader in communication, sales and leadership training, is pleased to announce Sales Presentation Skills Anywhere™ (also referred to as SPR Anywhere™), the virtual offering of Communispond’s Sales Presentation Skills™ program. Sales Presentation Skills Anywhere™ is designed for sales professionals to help them develop, refine, and deliver presentations that win sales.

There are no differences in the content, learning methods, and structure of Sales Presentation Skills Anywhere™ in comparison to the collocated classroom version, Sales Presentation Skills™. The only difference is the delivery method. Once logged into the platform, a participant can see, hear, and interact with their live instructor and other participants.

There are four key benefits to attending Sales Presentation Skills Anywhere™. First, it cuts down on, if not eliminates, travel expenses. Participants don’t have to pay for flights, taxis, food, and other travel-related expenses in order to attend class. Second, there is a huge convenience factor. Participants attend from the comfort of their own home or office—there’s no need to pack up and relocate. Third is the ease of being able to train teams that span multiple cities, states, or even countries making it a perfect solution for remote sales teams. And finally, it is perfect for global teams looking for global consistency in their training.

There are two ways to attend Sales Presentation Skills Anywhere™–by attending an open enrollment program or a corporate enrollment program. What’s the difference? Open enrollment programs occur at set times, capped at 12 participants, and people attend from different companies. This is a good solution for small sales teams that may only have one or two people they would like to have attend Sales Presentation Skills Anywhere™. Open enrollment dates for 2017 can be viewed here. Corporate enrollment programs, on the other hand, occur at times that are determined by the organization. The class is still capped at 12 participants, but participants are from the one organization. This is a great solution for larger sales team, especially if they are remote sales teams.

Knowing that this is a virtual program that relies on technology, Communispond has addressed the potential for technical issues to arise, so they are never an obstacle. Every virtual class is assigned a dedicated technical/trainer’s assistant so technical issues won’t bog down the class.

“We are excited to roll out Sales Presentation Skills Anywhere™.”, said Caryl Bahner-Guhin, VP of Products & Services at Communispond. “We continue to receive overwhelmingly positive client feedback from those that attend the virtual instructor-led version of our public speaking class, Executive Presentation Skills®, which we rolled out over two years ago. We recognized a need to offer our sales presentation class in the same virtual instructor-led format, to make it more convenient for remote sales teams to attend.”

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