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Leveraging its innovative digital experience platform (DXP), has radically transformed the ACG experience for all constituents – executives, chapter operators, members, and non-members alike.

Austin, TX (PRUnderground) October 4th, 2022 LLC is proud to announce that it has completed the digital transformation of the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) user experience. Leveraging its innovative digital experience platform (DXP), has radically transformed the ACG experience for all constituents – executives, chapter operators, members, and non-members alike.

Unlike traditional digital transformation initiatives, which involve multiple years and millions of dollars, the platform quickly allowed ACG to retain and fully integrate legacy technologies, many of them with disparate data and user interfaces, into a single, real-time, personalized digital destination. “It’s the perfect example of how the DXP helps companies, associations and consultancies achieve the key tenets of digital transformation in a significantly compressed timeline,” said Ryan Clark, Chief Technology Officer.

“With our existing technology, we couldn’t build the digital experience we envisioned for a forward-thinking association like ACG,” said Matt Hickman, Chief Operating Officer of ACG. “Now, without completely rebuilding our technology stack, we have the flexibility to innovate and validate new customer-centric experiences quickly and with minimal investment.”

As a result of this implementation, ACG expects better member retention thanks to automated renewal features; Increased event registration due to front-and-center personalized recommendations; Stronger visibility for partners and sponsors; Increased operational efficiency thanks to streamlined management tools; and best of all, the ability to truly innovate in the middle-market dealmaking space.

“We are confident that this transformation will result in drastically improved financial and operational performance thanks to one-click renewal, higher visibility for event registration/sponsorship opportunities, streamlined operational performance with chapter executive tools, and more,” said Hickman. “It truly is transformative to our business.”

Asked about how this partnership impacts the ACG’s long-term vision, ACG President and CEO Thomas Bohn said, “Looking forward, this transformation has unlocked more ways to innovate. At ACG, we see ourselves on the leading edge of middle-market growth, value creation, and dealmaking. The DXP provides a wide-open palette for innovation with the knowledge that we can truly integrate with anything and provide a best-in-class experience while doing it.”

Development is already underway on exciting new tools and experiences based on the new platform.

About ACG

Founded in 1954, ACG is the premier M&A dealmaking community with a mission of driving middle-market growth. ACG’s global network operates through 59 chapters worldwide and comprises more than 100,000 middle market professionals who invest, own and advise growing companies. Learn more about ACG and becoming a member at

About LLC

Founded in 2008, offers a unique Digital Experience Platform (DXP) that specializes in reducing time-to-value of integration, modernization and digital transformation initiatives. By building connected experiences that are technology-agnostic via micro-architecture and developer-friendly tools, the DXP allows businesses to deliver the value of a modern digital platform regardless of the challenges they face with their legacy infrastructure. Implementation use-cases include B2B ecommerce; customer and partner portals; intranets; headless APIs; and more.

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