ConnectedSign Introducing Intelligent Dashboard Series

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ConnectedSign announced today that it has begun to deploy a new series of digital signage dashboards developed specifically for business intelligence use.

Lancaster, PA (PRUnderground) July 12th, 2017

One of the biggest advantages of digital signage is its ability to provide real-time data when and where it’s needed.  Customers need to have information that resides in multiple data sources within a company, collected and displayed at locations where it can be the most valuable.

“More than that” says Brigitte Bucklin, President. “Companies need their data to visually behave so they can be visually alerted to important changes as they happen.”  ConnectedSign developers have created integrations for most business intelligence systems.  From Salesforce to Tableau, the dashboards will poll the data sources at required intervals and update the displays in real-time.  Combining simple data sources like PowerPoint and spreadsheets allows even more flexibility to create timely changes to the dashboard displays.

When a certain predefined criterion has been reached, the dashboard will visually alert or “behave” the information.  Common effects are turning colors and relocating to the top of the screen.  The display can also switch to a completely different layout that presents more in-depth details of the data being examined.

The Intelligent Dashboards ConnectedSign has developed are simple and cost effective to setup for any company use.  Having most of the development work already done saves customers from having to pay for expensive custom development.  Most deployments are branded with the customers look and logo and have many of the other features that Digital Signage offers like weather and crawling banners.

The Intelligent Dashboards run on simple devices like ultra-small Windows PCs or Android hardware and can connect to any displays.  ConnectedSign offers a free proof-of-concept tailored to fit the customers need.

About ConnectedSign

ConnectedSign is a full service Digital Signage company with more than 30 years of experience planning and deploying Digital Signage systems, interactive Digital Signage, and kiosk networks. They provide Digital Signage software, hardware, content creation, content management, and consulting services.

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