Conquering 5,000 Miles: James’ Journey with HiPeak Folding Electric Bike

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This article will uncover James' story about traveling with HiPEAK BONA.

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) May 4th, 2023

HiPeak folding electric bike is a dream for many cycling and adventure enthusiasts, with its power motor and functions. Whether it’s for city commuting or outdoor camping, it is the ideal companion for people’s next trip.

Today’s character is James Miller from San Francisco. For years, James has been riding his HiPEAK BONA electric fat tire bike, touring various parts of the United States – from San Francisco to Los Angeles, and then to Cleveland and Miami. He has ridden over 5000 miles, and BONA has never let him down. This article will uncover James’ story with HiPEAK BONA.

How did James meet HiPEAK BONA?

The story of James and HiPEAK began with his mother Kardashian. James’ parents were both busy securities company employees, and to strengthen the bond between family members, Kardashian had always hoped for a new way to engage in outdoor activities in the city with her family on weekends. After investigation, Kardashian found out that HiPEAK adult electric bicycles perfectly met their family’s needs. Therefore, she made a bold decision to order four HiPEAK electric folding bicycles, two HiPEAK BONA and two HiPEAK ELIAS.

When the courier delivered the electric bicycles to their home, James was very excited. He couldn’t wait to ride the BONA out for a spin. James tried hard to control his overwhelmed hands due to excitement and enthusiastically helped his mother unpack and assemble the bicycles. 17-year-old James felt like he was back in his childhood, working with his mother.

After all preparations in place, James couldn’t wait to ride his HiPEAK BONA onto the streets. He immediately felt an unprecedented sense of freedom – no longer restricted by his young age and inability to drive, he could go anywhere he wanted.

James recalled his first time riding the HiPEAK BONA: “I explored many new areas in town. Without an electric bike, I might never have reached those places. It was a feeling of excitement and adventure that I had never experienced before.” At the same time, James fell in love with the HiPEAK BONA – powerful, smooth, and precise in its control, these were his initial impressions of the BONA.

Now, the HiPEAK BONA has become an indispensable part of James’ daily life.

HiPEAK’s role in James’ family life

For James, HiPEAK electric fat tire is no longer just a means of transportation, but a way of life.

Firstly, there has been a change in the way he travels. Before, James and his sister always took public transportation to school. Now, they prefer to put their backpacks in the basket at the back of the folding electric bike and ride to school. At the same time, James’ parents have also given up their car and choose to ride the HiPEAK electric fat tire bike to work every day. “My parents work in the city center and used to often be late for family dinners due to traffic jams. Since they started using the HiPEAK for commuting, they have been arriving home almost half an hour earlier,” James said.

Apart from commuting, the HiPEAK electric bike has become the favorite of their family vacations. “Whether it’s camping outdoors or going to the beach, our entire family agrees to bring our electric bikes. The HiPEAK BONA and ELIAS are both designed to be foldable, making it easy to fit them into the car trunk. It also doesn’t make our family feel crowded inside the car,” James said. “Both BONA and ELIAS have 750W motors and 20″ X 4″ fat tires, allowing our family to leisurely pass through steep trails and beaches.”

Of course, the role that HiPEAK BONA plays in James’ life goes far beyond that. Since entering college, cycling around the United States has become his favorite thing to do.

Unforgettable riding experience

Since owning the BONA, James has traveled countless times on his fat-tire electric bike. Just last month, James achieved his milestone of riding 5,000 miles.

“Up until last month, I have cycled on my electric fat tire bike to visit 10 cities including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Cleveland, and Chicago. To be honest, my father and sister were not very supportive of me at first because they were worried about my safety while traveling alone, but fortunately, my mother encouraged me,” James said. “My first long-distance trip was from San Francisco to Los Angeles, which was also my most memorable riding experience, especially since I had an accident along the way.”

Despite making a lot of preparations, James still encountered some accidents during his first solo long-distance trip. While riding along the route from Dalswinton to Cumbria, he carelessly parked his electric bike on the roadside to capture a sunset view. Unfortunately, when he returned, he found that his food, water, and camping gear had all been stolen, leaving only his bike locked to a tree.

“At that time, I felt terrible, but I knew I had to get to the next supply point as soon as possible. The closest one was nearly 50 miles away. I knew that HiPEAK BONA had a range of 60 miles, but I had already ridden a long distance before that. I could only pray that my BONA still had enough power to get me there,” James said. “Fortunately, when I arrived at the supply point successfully, my BONA still had half a battery left. It didn’t let me starve to death in the wilderness, and we became inseparable partners from then on.”

After experiencing this unforgettable accident, James has regarded HiPEAK BONA as his most important travel companion, and every journey since then has been completed with him and BONA together.

James’ experience of buying electric bikes

When James’ mother was preparing to purchase an electric bicycle, they researched several models in the hope of finding one that could meet the cycling requirements of the whole family – the tallest father in the family is 6.1 feet tall, while the shortest sister is less than 5 feet tall.

They first test drove the RADPOWER RadExpand 5. “Before this, we had seen a lot of information about RADPOWER, but obviously the RadExpand 5 did not meet our requirements,” James said. “Although the RadExpand 5 promotes a step-through design, its step-though is too high off the ground, and its battery is placed in front of the seat post. This is very inconvenient for my mother and sister to get on and off.”

After comparing more than a dozen models of bicycles, James’ family finally encountered HiPEAK. “At first sight of the HiPEAK BONA and ELIAS, we were all amazed by their energetic and stylish design. After test driving them, we unanimously agreed that this was the electric bicycle we had been looking for,” James said. “These two bicycles from HiPEAK are suitable for riders with heights ranging from 4’10” to 6’2″. At the same time, they also have strong performance to meet our daily needs.”

James concluded, “One more thing I have to tell those who are planning to buy an electric bicycle. There are many bicycle brands on the market in the United States, but most of them are OEM products. Before buying, make sure they have enough capability to ensure the quality of their own products. Otherwise, you may end up like my neighbor who purchased a LECTRIC bike that went to the repair shop shortly after. Of course, a safer option is to choose a brand like HiPEAK that has its own manufacturing factory. My HiPEAK BONA has already traveled 5,000 miles, and I only voluntarily replaced the brake pads and chain once in the middle.”


Looking back, James said he is very grateful for the contribution that HiPEAK has made to his family life. Because of HiPEAK, they had more time and opportunities to be together and strengthen their relationships. Because of HiPEAK, James was able to reach milestones of 5,000 miles or even longer. This is also the significance that HiPEAK has always emphasized!


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