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Conservation Mag Encouraging Nature Conservation, Ecotourism, and Wildlife Travel

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Online publication features articles on wildlife, travel, destinations, environment, and more

Cape Town, South Africa (PRUnderground) July 23rd, 2020

In 2019, wildlife expert and enthusiast Adriaan Buys launched Conservation Mag with a mission of promoting conservation by sharing the wonders of nature and wildlife with audiences everywhere. Today, the Conservation Mag audience continues to grow and share stories of conservation tourism and more with people around the world.

The online magazine is based in South Africa and works to strike up conversations about the initiatives that are being taken, as well as the ones that are needed, to make conservation successful. “We believe that conserving and protecting the environment is extremely important, and we have the potential to change the way we live,” said the team at Conservation Mag.

Conservation Mag inspires readers to get involved in conservation efforts through ecotourism and wildlife travel, and when readers share Conservation Mag with others, they are helping pass along the message of conversation.

Readers can browse through articles in categories such as photography, destinations, travel, wildlife, and environment. In addition, they can learn about excursions in nature through Conservation Mag’s comprehensive safari listing.

Articles and press releases can be submitted to the team at Conservation Mag for those who have a message they want to share with the publication’s readers.

“With help from Conservation Mag, you can delve into the minds of wildlife experts, learn more about this field, and also figure out what you can do to help,” said the team at Conservation Mag.

With 80% of the decline in biological diversity being due to habitat destruction, it’s important that people step up and work to make a difference now. Waiting later could create a worsening situation, which is why Conservation Mag aims to help people join in the conservation movement now. More information can be found at

About Conservation Mag

Conservation Mag was launched in 2019 to give audiences a look at the environment, outdoor lifestyle, wildlife photography, nature reserves, African safari travel, wildlife conservation, and more.

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