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Corporate Personality Test Designed to Optimize Talent and Productivity

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The Authentic Behavior Contrast (ABContrast) is a tool designed to help companies ensure they hire the right people for their team and utilize their employees in a way that maximizes collaboration, productivity and minimizes conflict.

Elmira Heights, NY (PRUnderground) December 6th, 2022

The Great Resignation has made it harder for companies to retain employees over the past year. Microsoft’s Work Index Trend shows that 41 percent of employees are considering leaving their jobs in the next year. Increasing resignations have led to more time spent by management hiring and recruiting employees. That’s a very time consuming process but there might be a way to make it more effective and likely that employees will stay.

Utilizing corporate personality assessment solutions like ABContrast can help companies attract and retain talent, by finding out if a person is the right fit for a position. ABContrast is launching a certification program in 2023 that helps companies identify a potential employee’s personality traits, behavioral tendencies and communication style.

The personality assessment created by ABContast can also help companies work with existing talent. It provides results for companies to learn the communication styles of their team members to minimize conflict and maximize collaboration. Another area, the assessment assists companies with is employee retention. By understanding the strengths of an employee, management can place that person in positions that will give them greater job satisfaction. The ABContrast is also focused on affirming individual choice. Companies can also utilize the personality assessment to increase productivity of their employees.

The utilization of personality assessment solutions is growing as more companies switch to remote work. The market for this is expected to exceed $22.56 billion by 2031.

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