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Could the Use Of A Viascreen Privacy Screen Protector Prevent Fraud Risks In Public?

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Privacy is essential in business and in day-to-day life; can a privacy screen help to reduce screen-based fraud?

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) November 2nd, 2022

Some societal norms have developed as the world continues to try and return to normal after the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, much of the 2020s has been spent discussing privacy and how comfortable people are with sharing their essential data – intentionally or otherwise. While privacy specialists like ViaScreen try to help protect our private details, it is increasingly easy to share private details in a public place without meaning it.

The pandemic has forced a change for many, convincing more of us to be less open with the information we share and give out online. But what about in public?

As experts have found, credit card fraud increased during the pandemic, and numbers still appear to be higher than they were beforehand. As such, more and more individuals are being cautious about what information they share and where they share it.

That said, though, most still focus on potential fraud happening remotely and online, such as buying a product online through a digital storefront. Yet there is also a worrying rise in the number of credit card fraud incidents happening in public.

With many of us getting used to returning to public places, it is easy to forget the risk of showing off information in public. Whether it comes from using a flimsy public internet connection that makes data exposed or someone looking over your shoulder as you type, fraud in public is not a problem of the past.

For some, though, investing in a privacy screen protector like this can go a long way to offering additional protection. These screens can provide an extra layer of protection, making it harder for people peering over your shoulder and looking at your device from opportune angles.

These privacy protectors can make sure that your phone screen is far less visible to prying eyes. This could help people feel more confident when sending private messages, sharing important information, and/or making purchases.

Privacy screens can make a big difference – but they are not a catch-all solution

Should you invest in a privacy screen? The evidence suggests that they can be very useful. Yet this is a physical guard; it means that people looking over your shoulder cannot simply siphon key information and data. They cannot see the number combination you put in to unlock your smartphone or the details you just sent over a message. They can, though, still get this information through sophisticated means.

If you are in public, you should not use public Wi-Fi where possible. Instead, it is better to use a virtual private network (VPN) that can offer more robust security when out and about. Ideally, you should avoid sharing any personal data or payment information when you are in a public space.

Even with a privacy screen, those intent enough to mine this information from your device can do so using other hardware.

So, a privacy screen can ensure you no longer feel like you are being watched by the individual next to you. This means sending personal texts can feel a touch less risqué in public. That said, sending payment information or information that could be used fraudulently against you should be avoided.

You can purchase at home, where you should have a much more secure, robust internet connection. For time spent in public in the post-pandemic world, though, privacy screens are no longer a waste of your time. Just do not expect them to secure you from every kind of fraud that can take place on a modern smartphone.

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