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Carson, CA (PRUnderground) September 15th, 2017

Coupon Deals Now, an online company that helps online shoppers get the best deals, has advised online shoppers about a trend by modern online retailers to overprice their products. The warning comes as consumer watchdogs warn against the resurgence of this trend in many places.

“We are warning online shoppers that retailers are steadily overpricing products. It’s important that shoppers are aware that they need to do some due diligence before shopping on just about any platform,” Maggie Maxwell, official spokesperson at Coupon deals now, says.

According to a 2016 report, Consumers today are paying up to twice the realistic value of online products due to exorbitant retailers. The report further explains that most of the legitimate and trusted website today overvalues the prices of almost all of the items they sell. According to Maggie Maxwell, the current situation is forcing some consumers to lose faith in online shopping, particularly to traders of consumer goods.

“Right now we are looking at a different type of theft known as corporate greed. Every legitimate online retailer with a loyal customer base is hiking the prices of their products. The companies are taking advantage of customers’ trust in their services, and they are reaping millions every day,” Millicent adds.

While cautioning online shoppers, Coupon deals now also highlighted the recent resurgence of online scammers reigning havoc to unsuspecting consumers from every corner of the world. Earlier in the year, one such report had announced that imposter theft had surpassed identity theft to be the leading source of cases in many countries The Commission also highlighted the rise in cases of imposters who sold fake products or promised to sell goods to unsuspecting customers.

According to Jose Gomez, spokesperson of, online consumers need be more vigilant when shopping online than ever before. Jose says that online shoppers could save a ton of money if they choose to evaluate different legitimate companies before settling for one that offer the best deals.

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