Craftsmen Industries, Inc. Customizes Studios for Hubbard Broadcasting in St. Louis

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Expert large format printing company Craftsmen Industries, Inc. engineered a custom solution to enhance the décor for two St. Louis broadcasting studios owned by Hubbard Broadcasting.

St Charles, MO (PRUnderground) January 20th, 2023

Headquartered in St. Charles, MO, Craftsmen Industries, Inc. is a recognized large-scale printing leader. Over the past 40 years, they have demonstrated their ability to overcome challenges and develop innovative solutions, completing a wide variety of unique projects in new ways. Customizing two soundproof recording studios for Hubbard Broadcasting fit right in the Craftsmen Industries wheelhouse.

Founded in 1982, Craftsmen Industries, Inc. got its start in trailer sales. As the company grew, so did the skills and abilities that Craftsmen drew upon to build just about anything their customers could imagine. Expertly printing graphics on a large scale became pivotal to many of the projects and the company’s focus. Recognized for their large-scale G7 master printing projects, Craftsmen also produces high-quality commercial fleet graphics, building wraps, vinyl banners, and wholesale backdrops. These skills get integrated into nearly every project for their clients.

“When Hubbard asked us to help customize their soundproof studios, it sounded straightforward,” remarked Mark Steele, CEO and Co-Owner of Craftsmen Industries, Inc. “And while our graphics team was ready and able to exceed expectations on the graphic design side, we faced a unique challenge. It was clear that changing the look of the studios and moving away from that bland, tan soundproofing foam without removing it or negating its soundproofing properties required some problem-solving on our part.”

Because many materials, such as the vinyl used for large scale printing, reflects sound, Craftsmen turned to cloth wall coverings to provide the desired look and maintain the necessary sound conditions. When mounting the fabric with velcro failed to hold up to the Craftsmen standard, they installed tracks around windows, doors, and other openings to hold the fabric in place.

The new wall covering gave the broadcasting studio for 106.5 The Arch a retro 70s look. It looks like wood paneling with pictures hung on the wall — a look common for basements during that time. The ESPN studio fabric sports a black and gray background with the channel’s logo repeated around the room, aligning the studio with existing branding.

“With every project we do, our team learns something, and that makes it new and exciting for us,” stated Steele. “In the end, both studios looked great and sounded great, which were really the two most important things going into this project.”

To learn more about Craftsmen Industries, Inc. or the various custom projects they have completed for clients nationwide, visit or call (800) 373-3575.

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