Creative Biolabs: Actions Following Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics US 2022

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Creative Biolabs, a CRO solution center highlighted by one-stop services for drug discovery and disease research, exhibited at Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics US 2022 and presented exclusive solutions to strengthen the development of antibody and cell-based immunotherapies.

Shirley, NY (PRUnderground) December 7th, 2022

Finally came to the bottom of the 2022 exhibition list for Creative Biolabs, which has been wholeheartedly engaged in networking affairs all year round. Creative Biolabs was in intensive preparation for the event and has sent a group of senior scientists to join the grand affair ever focalized on antibody issues, like recombinant antibody—a pillar rock in midstream.

“Most of our solutions are based on antibodies,” according to a delegate, “and this event and us—we are the perfect match for each other.”

Creative Biolabs is a CRO providing services for pharmaceuticals and research institutes to support projects concerning new drug discovery and disease research and has always been exploring innovative methodologies. For over a decade since its foundation, its services have expanded from diverse antibody modalities (sdAb, bsAb, antibody-drug conjugate) to comprehensive cell-based immunotherapies.

Custom membrane protein antibody is one of the fortes integrating cell-based and cell-free expression systems for different scales of antibody production against specific biomarkers, like GPCR, ion channels, and transporter proteins.

“That is what we do with our exclusive Magic™ platform, an advanced research tool with years of experience solving various customers’ cases. We have other antibody platforms, correspondingly advancing research and development involving subtypes, like bispecific antibody and multivalent antibody.”

Both bispecific antibodies and multivalent antibodies present great impacts on pharmaceutical discovery, where bsAbs enable simultaneous identification of two or more different antigens and multivalent sdAbs provide various alternative antibody formats with modified architectures. Solutions were developed and optimized by scientists to be in a one-stop manner so that the entire process will be taken over and all a customer needs to do is define the objective.

“For sure, we do hope our clients get involved as much as possible within the project, and most of them do this way, but our progress feedback, data report, and timely and reliable result delivery are the established responsibilities no matter how much customers spend their time and efforts here.”

“We had pleasant hours during Antibody Engineering and Therapeutics US 2022, which is a perfect platform for scientists from the antibody society to gather around. Our journey for 2022 events is approaching an end, but we’ve added a long list to our 2023 calendar,” added the delegate, “and we sincerely hope to meet more friends in the near future.”

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About Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs has been exploring the field of new drug development for years and has focused its efforts on antibody and cell-based immunotherapies. In 2022, a group of scientists participated in many industrial networking conferences, witnessed the most heart-beating breakthroughs, and delivered strategic talks over possible collaborations. In January 2023, Creative Biolabs will present at Rutgers University’s vendor events and PepTalk – The Protein Science and Production Week.

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