Creative Biolabs Advances Next-Generation Antibody Pipeline for Disease Diagnostics and Therapeutics

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The advantages of single-domain antibodies over other formats of antibodies in various pathological scenarios make them the next-generation antibodies, which hastens the single-domain antibody R&D pipeline at Creative Biolabs.

New York, NY (PRUnderground) September 19th, 2022

Since the first identification of single-domain antibodies or sdAbs in the sera of Camelidae, they have been increasingly recognized as a class of next-generation antibodies due to attractive features, such as nanoscale small size, high penetration, high stability, and ease of production. As the smallest antibody fragment with binding ability, single-domain antibodies have been in the interest of many researchers as well as leading biotech companies like Creative Biolabs for cancer diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

Single-Domain Antibody Development

By nature, single-domain antibodies lack light chains and can bind to antigens employing variable heavy-chain regions. The higher structural flexibility of sdAbs than monoclonal antibodies enables researchers to design sdAb conjugations with a combination of different functional domains. Creative Biolabs can support novel sdAb development for various projects, especially applications in cancer immunotherapy and diagnostic applications. For instance, researchers can conjugate toxins, chemotherapeutic drugs, anti-tumor drugs, and target proteins to single-domain antibodies through linkers to achieve next-generation cancer diagnostics and therapies.

Some popular construct formats of sdAb-drug conjugates are:

  • sdAb-6×His via the prokaryotic system.
  • sdAb-Fc Fusion via the eukaryotic system.
  • sdAb-biotin via the eukaryotic system.
  • Bi-specific sdAb via the eukaryotic system.
  • sdAb-DsbC-6×His tag via the prokaryotic system.
  • sdAb-SUMO-6×His tag via the prokaryotic system.
  • sdAb-Alexa 488 via the prokaryotic system.

Single-Domain Antibody Production and Manufacture

Undoubtedly, sdAbs will be increasingly applied in treating and diagnosing a variety of diseases, such as disorders of the nervous system and circulatory system, infectious diseases, oncological, and inflammatory diseases as promising alternatives to other antibody formats. Consequently, appropriate solutions to prepare, produce, and manufacture sdAb products are equally important for downstream applications. Taking advantage of different constructs, expression systems, fusion tags, and labels, Creative Biolabs is experienced in custom sdAb production in line with the GLP and GMP standards, as well as in building cell lines for stable sdAb manufacture based on clients’ specific requirements and modifications.

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About Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs is an all-embracing antibody supplier and service provider. This leading biotech company has established comprehensive sdAb discovery platforms and specializes in developing single-domain antibodies as a research tool, therapeutic drug candidate, or diagnostic reagent. Be it recombinant proteins, antibodies, or cDNA clones, Creative Biolabs is the one-stop service and product shop for global researchers, pharmaceutical companies, and academic institutions, supporting a wide range of pre-clinical sdAb pipelines from target identification to the final IND-enabling.

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