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Creative Biolabs: An Industry-Leading Aptamer Provider

Industry: Biotechnology

Having been rooted in aptamer development for years, Creative Biolabs is confident in providing aptamer development services for various complement components based on its advanced and perfect complement therapy platforms and offering the best aptamer solutions according to researchers' projects.

New York, NY (PRUnderground) October 27th, 2022

Over the past few years, aptamers have emerged as a new class of targeting ligands for diagnostic and therapeutic applications in cancer therapy, owing to their ability to bind to targets with high affinity and specificity. As a leading provider in complement therapeutics, Creative Biolabs gathered a team of scientific minds specializing in aptamer development to enhance its capabilities in this field. Creative Biolabs can conjugate various drugs, antibodies, and even nanomaterials with aptamers and is proud to provide safe and reliable aptamer-based conjugates for researchers worldwide.

According to a specialist at Creative Biolabs, “aptamer conjugation is an efficient approach to extend the applicability of aptamers in treatment and diagnosis.”

At Creative Biolabs, aptamers can be conjugated with various therapeutic compounds, such as drugs, antibodies, or nanoparticles. Based on the different chemical properties, Creative Biolabs’ aptamer-based delivery strategy is mainly divided into two approaches:

  • Aptamer-second reagent direct conjugation
  • Aptamer-functionalization of nanomaterial

“In addition, the conjugation of aptamer and antibody is also a potential therapeutic strategy, which has demonstrated higher efficiencies than aptamer or antibody alone in some cases,” added the scientist.

Deeply rooted in exploring the conjugation of antibodies and aptamers for decades, Creative Biolabs has currently announced a comprehensive and high-quality aptamer-antibody conjugate development service and promises to provide antibody-aptamer conjugates with enhanced tumor permeability and target accessibility to its customers.

Furthermore, bivalent aptamers are also worth attention. The two bivalent aptamers listed below are found to improve therapeutic outcomes with reduced side effects.

  • CD28 bivalent aptamer has been shown to co-stimulate CD8 T cells and CD4 lymphocytes and promotes immune responses.
  • OX40 bivalent aptamer has been shown to stimulate OX40 on T cells, promoting T cell proliferation and interferon-γ production.

Bivalent aptamers are made by linking two identical aptamers with an optimized spacer, which features higher affinity for targets,” noted an expert.

As an expert in novel drug delivery, Creative Biolabs has paid much attention to bivalent aptamers and worked hard to become the best provider. Creative Biolabs is now delighted to provide bivalent aptamer development services for researchers worldwide and solve related research challenges in the process of bivalent aptamer development.

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