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Creative Biolabs Announced New Solutions for T Cell Therapy Development

Industry: Healthcare

Having been immersed in the discovery of gamma delta T cell therapy for years, Creative Biolabs has made great achievements in this field. It is committed to continuing to explore the mysteries of gamma delta T cell therapy in order to make more contributions to the fight against human cancer.

New York, NY (PRUnderground) October 26th, 2022

Due to their direct or indirect antitumor cytotoxicity and strong cytokine production ability, gamma delta (γδ) T cells in cancer immunotherapy have received significant attention over the past decade. Recently, more γδ T cell-based cancer immunotherapy has been developed and revealed effective results, such as adoptive cell therapy and γδ T cell adoptive immunotherapy in combination with immune checkpoint inhibitors. As a reputed and reliable CRO company, Creative Biolabs is actively involved in the development of T cell-based immunotherapy for a variety of tumor types and contributes to advancing the development of T cell-based therapies for cancer treatment by offering comprehensive gamma delta T cell services.

“T cell activation is an essential part in the development of γδ T cell-based immunotherapy and high-standard T cell activation technology ensure the viability of your T cells,” according to a scientist at Creative Biolabs.

Creative Biolabs has spent years developing the best solutions for T cell activation and has assembled a team of experienced scientists who have focused on the research of γδ T cells for decades. The company contributes to providing optimal solutions for γδ T cell activation and expansion, thus supporting the development of γδ T cell-based immunotherapies.

“We have contributed a lot for the optimization of T cell cytotoxicity tests additionally,” added the scientist, “because we are aware of how tests have great impacts on γδ T cell development.”

Creative Biolabs has worked diligently for years to advance γδ T cells and cancer immunotherapy development, and today it can offer a variety of T cell cytotoxicity test services, including the following:

  • LDH cytotoxicity test
  • Flow cytometry-based cytotoxicity test
  • Chromium-51 release assay
  • Impedance-based label-free real-time cytotoxicity assay

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