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Creative Biolabs, possessing industry-leading technology platforms and professional experience in protein discovery, provides full-set solutions for research involving membrane proteins, one of the most critical targets for therapeutics and diagnostics discovery.

New York, NY (PRUnderground) August 10th, 2022

Membrane proteins are valuable assets to drug discovery as their functions are involved in extensive biological processes in the human body, such as ligand-receptor binding, signal transduction, transportation of molecules, and intracellular recognition. Creative Biolabs is a conscientious contract research organization working in biotechnology areas with a particular emphasis on protein discovery, which helps design and engineer proteins for diverse research objectives, including immunogens and membrane transport proteins.

Membrane Protein Production

“Due to the low abundance in the nature and intricate structure, it has always been a challenge for the industry to artificially develop membrane proteins with native conformations and satisfactory bioactivities.” According to a specialist at Creative Biolabs. “We have developed the exclusive Magic™ platform that allows both cell-based and cell-free protein expression and purification. For conventional protein expression, we usually adopt the cell-based approach, which is featured by diverse host organisms like E. coli, yeast, and mammalian cells. Our exclusiveness lies in cell-free protein expression that is flat-out robust to produce tricky targets in a highly controllable manner, including complex, toxic, and unstable proteins.”

Magic™ Anti-membrane Protein Antibody Discovery

To develop antibodies specifically targeting membrane proteins, it’s inevitable to prepare these proteins as immunogens. Creative Biolabs provides a one-stop membrane protein antibody discovery solution covering from antigen preparation to the following antibody generation stages.

“Our Magic™ platform can be the solutions to those challenging targets, such as GPCR, ion channel, and transporter immunogens as well,” added the specialist.

Antibody generation against specific objective antigens is also what Creative Biolabs is well-known for, adopting strategies including lipoparticles, proteoliposomes, nanodiscs, polymers, and whole cell antigen presentation.

“We’ve been diving into this sector for over a decade, and our strength can be proved by our hundreds of successful cases and continually growing customer group.” Commented the specialist. “As we still have several exhibitions on our agenda during the last two seasons of 2022, we hope to see our old friends as well as get to meet more new faces.”

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About Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs has been exploring antibody and protein discovery and engineering dedicatedly for decades and has established high-end technical platforms to help global customers with their research projects involving such biological reagents in a one-stop manner. The long-term pursuit of innovation has always been the driving force behind the highly-motivated team of professionals. Since the beginning of 2022, seeing the rejuvenation of in-person events, Creative Biolabs has been enthusiastic about exhibiting at global grand affairs to seek partnership opportunities, which will showcase at the World ADC San Diego and the 13th Annual World Multispecifics Summit in the coming September.

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