Creative Biolabs Updated Solutions to Cope with New Drug Discovery in 2023

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Creative Biolabs is one of the CROs supporting immunotherapy discovery, whose services and products range from antibody-based routes like ADC to vaccine and mRNA therapeutics development.

Shirley, NY (PRUnderground) December 19th, 2022

Immunotherapies have ushered in a blooming era with various routes validated to be effective and taken as potent candidates against tricky issues plaguing human beings, such as malignancies. It is rushing hours for multiple research projects that delve into new disease targets and workable therapeutic approaches. Thus, CROs like Creative Biolabs emerge as time requires to provide necessary technical support, helping to save researchers’ time and efforts by quickly jumping into the core steps of research projects.

The service and product portfolios of Creative Biolabs are quite wide-ranging, from antibody-drug conjugate (ADC development, ADC engineering, and ADC products), mRNA for immunotherapy, to the latest “dark horse”—PROTAC.

“We aim to assist with projects in a manner that as much of the efforts and cost of our clients can be saved as possible,” according to a scientist at Creative Biolabs, “and that’s our initial intention for the establishment of this customized, one-stop service pipeline.”

Creative Biolabs’ PROTAC platform serves exclusively for researchers working on protein degradation-based therapeutics, which is a one-stop pipeline that initiates with ligand design against target protein and wraps up with peptide and compound synthesis. If requested, solutions can be incorporated with both in vitro and in vivo validation assays—the only thing a client needs to do is define the target of interest, and the ultimate validated result will be delivered in agreed terms with full reports provided.

“Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19, our viral antibody team has been coping with the development of antibodies against emerging viruses and SARS-CoV-2 mutants,” added the scientist, “and we now have a bank of research-use antibody products readily available for global shipment and a fully sophisticated viral antibody engineering platform to meet different research needs.”

The road to precision medicine and improving human health is obstacle-packed and long. Yet, Creative Biolabs is making every effort to contribute by paying close attention to the latest research trend and innovating to discover additional solutions capable of facilitating new drug discovery. Visit to learn more.

About Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs is a CRO working dedicatedly in the field of immunology, providing one-stop solutions supportive of new drug discovery, covering antibody-based therapies and cell-based therapies. In January 2023, a group of scientists on behalf of Creative Biolabs will embark on the journey of a fresh year by attending multiple global networking conferences. The vendor events at Rutgers University and PepTalk – The Protein Science and Production Week, will kick off the new year for Creative Biolabs.

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