Creative Biolabs Updates Service to Advance Development of Gene Delivery Systems

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Creative Biolabs has upgraded the one-stop customized service of design, construction, and cloning of novel gene delivery systems, including but not limited to polyplexes, stem cells, and bacteria.

Shirley, NY (PRUnderground) September 28th, 2022

Gene therapy is one of the most promising therapies for a wide range of diseases such as inherited disorders, viral infections, and cancers. The application of gene therapy faces obstacles because of the lack of suitable methods for proper introduction of genes into cells, and therefore, this is an area of interest for most researchers. To achieve successful gene therapy, the development of proper gene delivery systems could be one of the most important factors.

To facilitate research on gene therapy, Creative Biolabs has upgraded the one-stop customized service of design, construction, and cloning of virus vectors, as well as viral vector production with robust quality control. Lentiviral vector (LV), adenovirus vector (Ad), herpes simplex virus vector (HSV), vaccinia viral vector (VV or VAC), adeno-associated virus vector (AAV), baculovirus vector (BV), etc., are all available as vector-backbones for projects with different purposes and applications.

  • Development of Polyplexes as Gene Delivery System

Polyplexes are of high loading capacity and ease of fabrication, and thus have been extensively studied as gene delivery systems. However, toxicity is a problem for safe application. To eliminate the toxicity, Creative Biolabs has been devoted to developing decationized polyplexes that have no detrimental effects on the physicochemical stability or encapsulation ability. Furthermore, the size, shape, and surface chemistry of polyplexes vectors can all be modified to improve the targeting capability, stability, and efficiency.

With the advanced stem cell platform, Creative Biolabs provides various types of modified stem cells from a variety of sources for delivering therapeutic genes. The scientist team is skillful and sophisticated at the design and construction of the mesenchymal (MSC) and neural stem cells (NSC) as gene delivery systems, and has proved that these cells can migrate, home, and target inflammatory sites.

  • Development of Bacteria as Gene Delivery System

Scientists at Creative Biolabs also offer bactofection, the promising transfection technique for gene delivery research and DNA vaccination against numerous microbial agents. A list of attenuated bacteria strains and antibiotics will ensure to lower the risk of clinically symptomatic infections to the minimum without affecting the expression of therapeutic genes.

More information on other gene delivery system options, such as dendrimers and dendritic cells, can be found at

About Creative Biolabs

With years of experience in providing one-stop preclinical development service, Creative Biolabs has built a team of expertise of solid knowledge of gene therapy, and is fully competent in providing services for worldwide clients. The services include but are not limited to delivery vehicle development, gene editing for gene therapy, RNAi therapy development, safety and toxicology analysis, potency tests, and solutions of specific gene therapy development for diseases.

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