Creative Biolabs: Wishing You a Happy Holiday and a Prosperous New Year

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Creative Biolabs, a CRO supporting every facet of immunotherapy development, announced the start of this year's special promotion and greeted the coming of a brand new year full of opportunities and challenges.

New York, NY (PRUnderground) December 21st, 2022

Creative Biolabs’ annual promotion season is bang on time, as usual, that all products will enjoy a special discount of 10%, valid from mid-December 2022 till the end of January 2023. This year’s promotion extends both in duration and scope that it now covers the whole site products due to extensive inquiries received and the determination made to back not only mainstream studies but also emerging and alternative research.

“We’re approaching the conclusion of 2022, when we had great connections and established strategic and solid partnerships with global scientists,” according to a specialist at Creative Biolabs, “all thanks to the renaissance of in-person events—no longer handicapped by COVID-19.”

Engineered antibody products supplied by Creative Biolabs are multidisciplinary, covering every kind involved in recent prevailing studies, especially recombinant antibodies—produced using recombinant DNA technologies and expressed in cell-free systems—having superior batch-to-batch consistency. These antibodies are categorized mainly by application mechanisms, including blocking antibodies, neutralizing antibodies, anti-idiotypic antibodies, and agonistic antibodies.

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Creative Biolabs has organized its coronavirus-relevant products, intending to help researchers locate the right ones without effort, including antibodies, MHC tetramers, and detection kits confined to lab uses.

“The power of immunotherapy is evident,” said the specialist, “as has been validated by breakthroughs published in top journals, especially those involving COVID-19. A portion of our products was prepared specifically to join projects related to SARS-CoV-2 and emerging mutants, both for diagnostic and pharmaceutical objectives.”

In 2022, Creative Biolabs yielded unusually brilliant results in supporting research projects involving the development of biosimilar antibody, mainly through expeditious supplying of peer-acclaimed antibody products and enthusiastically enriching its resource library to illustrate common issues that may occur in antibody-related assay tests and corresponding debugging suggestions. Visit and learn more.

About Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs is a professional CRO solution center dedicated to immunotherapy development, mainly through supplying recombinant antibody products to support global clients’ projects, covering the very initial stage all the way through target validation. In January 2023, a group of scientists on behalf of Creative Biolabs will embark on the journey of a fresh year by attending multiple global networking conferences. The vendor events at Rutgers University and PepTalk – The Protein Science and Production Week, will kick off the new year for Creative Biolabs.

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