Credit Memberships Open New Doors for Wellness Journeys

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The memberships allow for the customization of which services clients receive while enabling them to only pay for what fits into their personal wellness journey.

Austin, TX (PRUnderground) August 30th, 2022

Nova Vita Wellness Centers, whose parent company is Intiva Health, unveiled new memberships aimed at expanding patient access to innovative wellness solutions.

The “credit memberships” provide a personalized path to improving whole-body health while enabling patients to only pay for what fits into their individual wellness journey–ultimately lowering out-of-pocket expenses.

Credit Membership Tiers:

  1. Fresh Start: 10 credits per month which can be used to receive up to $504 worth of services for $99 a month.
  2. Explorer: 20 credits per month which can be used to receive up to $884 worth of services for $179 a month.
  3. Achiever: 35 credits per month which can be used to receive up to $1,578 worth of services for $299 a month.

All unused credits will roll over each month, giving clients the power to pave their own path along their wellness journey. Members also receive a monthly wellness check to have a personal conversation with a licensed healthcare professional at Nova Vita about their wellness needs and wants while receiving expert advice on beneficial services.

As a final perk, Nova Vita members receive a guest pass each month for a person to enjoy a free Uplift IV Vitamin Infusion. This specialized, proprietary formulation replenishes the body with B Vitamins and electrolytes to boost immune system health and energy levels.

There is also a membership option without credits.

The $39 Basic Membership Plan is ideal for people who may be new to how Nova Vita fits into a healthy lifestyle, are seeking the benefits of an IV vitamin infusion, or are looking for a wellness reset to boost their body without breaking the bank.

Every month, these members receive Nova Vita’s specialized, proprietary Uplift IV Vitamin Infusion and a Vitamin C Infusion Boost–both of which are specifically curated as an introduction for experiencing the health benefits of routine visits to a wellness center.

In addition to their monthly IV Vitamin Infusion and Vitamin C Infusion Boost, Basic Plan Members can choose from a Compression Therapy session, an Oxygen Bar session, or a Red Light Therapy session.

Whichever service they choose can be enjoyed during their IV Vitamin Infusion or on a separate visit to Nova Vita Wellness Centers. All of these wellness solutions support Nova Vita’s mission to bridge the gap traditional healthcare leaves behind to make people Feel Better, Look Better, and Be Better™.

As with all services at Nova Vita Wellness Centers, the membership is designed with the client’s individual wellness needs in mind. Monthly boosters and infusions can be combined into a single service or used individually during separate visits.

Nova Vita members are also eligible for discounts on other wellness solutions designed to help them navigate their wellness journey or can upgrade their membership to expand their monthly options without any penalties.

About Nova Vita Wellness Centers

Nova Vita is a specialized health and wellness center, dedicated to bridging the gap traditional medicine left behind through the recovery, optimization, and integrity of a person’s overall health through evidence-based advances in neuroscience and customized wellness solutions. Nova Vita offers IV vitamin infusion therapies, lab panels, weight management solutions, and additional services tailored to the individual patient. Nova Vita currently has plans for additional locations, expanding outside of Texas.

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