Crush, a new dating app, promises women to choose the right guy

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Unlike Bumble, Crush allows men to make the first move and women have the final choice.

Los Angeles (PRUnderground) July 21st, 2017

Having a crush on someone is all natural. In the world of modern technology, expressing feelings for someone special is just One App away!

Crush is an iPhone dating app that simplifies a lot of dating aspects for you. The most remarkable thing about the app is that it works on 50% luck and 50% personal decision making.

So, it works in a way that a match between two people can only be created if both swipe ‘right’ on each other’s picture. You only need to swipe right on pictures you like or swipe left to pass someone. It is utterly simple to use, you log in through Facebook and you swipe right and left to like or pass, like Tinder – that’s pretty much it!

The app provides a peculiar yet highly captivating system in which Women gets to choose the right matches for them – The app just turned the tables around.

The intriguing part begins once there is a match. The app presents ladies with some exceptional freedom to choose the right guy.Women can set a ‘self-define question’for guys, and they’d have to give the right answers to impress them. Crush also provides some classic questions that women can choose. Here are some questions on Crush:

– “How long do you want your next relationship to last? One night, few months or the rest of your life?”

– “What do you notice first when you first meet a girl? “

If the answer is deemed correct by the lady, then she can unlock the chat. There is a saturation kind of process deployed in the app; the women can choose the man according to their taste. Also, after unlocking the chat, the question will be a great conversation starter, it will be a win-win for both.

The Crush App provides a different route to dating that has never been seen before. The most absorbing aspect is that it creates an environment that encourages relationships to grow from the very beginning.

Another aspect that is highly distinctive is a sense of empowerment provided to the women by the app to choose whatever that seems fit for them. Their selection criteria are not judged and they can gleefully make decisions about their match. The app proudly follows the ‘Ladies First’ rule and implements it flawlessly.

Crush does turn online dating into a reality – something that is a rarity in today’s world of online dating.

So, if you are already thrilled and want to use this app then it is recommended that you do not waste much time.

It is an authentic and easy-to-use iPhone dating app that is already proving to be a huge success.

Crush is now available globally on App Store:

It will be available on Google Play soon.

About Crush

Crush – A new dating app which allows ladies to make the final choice.

We understand that women are tired of being spam on other dating platforms, that is why we make this app to encourage men to make the first move and women have the final choice. This way, men need to make themselves outstanding by giving the best answer based on the question women ask, ladies have final choice to choose the right one to chat with, it is a win-win.

It all starts here!

Welcome to Crush.

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