CureCode Launches Soothing Relief Gel with Patented Endocannabinoid Mimicking Compound

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Neuromide is the key to CureCode Soothing Relief Gel’s intensive hydration and soothing for sensitive skin and skin with a weakened skin barrier

San Francisco, Calif. (PRUnderground) August 1st, 2019

CureCode, K-Beauty’s leading skincare brand dedicated to developing and marketing innovative, affordable clinic-level skincare at home launches CureCode Soothing Relief Gel to provide intensive hydration and calm  in sensitive skin.

CureCode Soothing Relief Gel is a lightweight, non-greasy formula that absorbs quickly into the skin without a greasy or heavy feel. The patented Crystal Lamella MES (Multi-Encapsulation System) consists of layered ingredients locked in capsules that preserve them at maximum freshness and effectiveness right up until the moment of application so that the formula does not lose potency due to oxidation in the time between packaging and application.’

Each Crystal Lamella capsule contains a concentrated formulation of hydrating and skin barrier-restoring ingredients, including:

  • Probiotics and prebiotics to strengthen and replenish the skin’s microbiome, the colony of micro-organisms that fight bacteria and inflammation, a crucial factor in skin health
  • Neuromide – a patented endocannabinoid-mimicking compound synthesized from N-Palmitoyl Serinol to speed up skin barrier recovery by aiding skin in gathering and holding in healing moisture
  • Centella Asiatica, used for centuries in treating skin wounds and calming inflammation
  • St. John’s Wort, also used for centuries by healers to treat skin wound, it helps soothe and replenish a weakened skin barrier
  • Resveratrol, a compound that speeds up the removal of dead skin cells to reveal healthy, new skin cells.
  • Aloe Vera and Allantoin to calm irritation, reduce skin’s surface temperature and reduce redness

CureCode is also made to be affordable. The Crystal Lamella Encapsulation System enables a concentrated amount of product to be released in a very small portion so even a pea-sized amount can cover a large surface area, enabling coverage with less product.

CureCode Soothing Relief Gel is good for the entire family. Use for relief on sunburned skin, recovery from sensitive breakouts, hydration and relief for sensitive skin and every day routine skin care. Also CureCode is gentle enough to use on babies’ skin to help cool fever and relieve diaper rash.

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About Dr. Raymond Laboratories, Inc

Dr. Raymond Park has researched in skin barrier Science has helped many people who have suffered from skin barrier dysfunction. Dr. Raymond Labs has invented platform Skin Barrier Technology, named as Crystal Lamella MES (Micro-Encapsulation System) and have published more than fifty articles covering dermatological research. is the official site to introduce innovative skin barrier products.

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