CureCode Neuromide Ampoule Ships First Pre-Orders in Thailand

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This serum, packed with a high concentration of patented skin barrier restoring formulas, is filtering out onto the global market, beginning with Thailand where it is poised to be a game changer in skin care for the Thai market. A rising influencer in Thailand explains how CureCode Neuromide Ampoule will change the way Thai clients will care for their skin in the near future.

San Francisco, CA (PRUnderground) July 20th, 2020

A huge proportion of skin care’s hard core science tech comes out of Asia, particularly in the form of K-Beauty. Market waves begin in that region of the globe and spread out from there. This trend is no less accurate for CureCode’s recent launch, CureCode Neruomide Ampoule. CureCode, K-Beauty’s leading company dedicated to developing and marketing innovative, affordable clinic-level skincare at home, recently added this microbiome technology-filled serum to its line of skin care geared for intensive care of troubled skin and overdry, sensitive skin and has begun shipping the first pre-orders in its first mass market in Thailand.

“I studied the formulation [developed by CureCode] and found that this is a game changer for Thai people who mostly love Whitening products. But actually the healthy SKIN is about its BARRIER, and that’s why I want to promote this ampoule to Thai people and encourage as many of them as possible to give it a try and change their mindset about SKINCARE. And yes! It works great,” explained cosmetic scientist and beauty influencer/blogger in Thailand under the handle MamaSugar. “I got a lot of positive feedback from my fans and they seem very happy to keep this ampoule on their shelf without doubt.”

CureCode Neuromide Ampoule contains Neuromide, a bio-identical metabolite of the skin-gut microbiome that works with the skin’s own built-in healing process to help rapid skin barrier recovery from dryness and sensitivity, is concentrated in the ampoule at a dose of 4000ppm. In addition to Neuromide, the ampoule contains Tri-Biotics (Pre- / Pro- / Post-Biotics) help create a microbiome environment for healthy skin.

CureCode Neuromide Ampoule locks all this microbiome and skin barrier nourishing power into one single drop. More information and a complete ingredients list can be found on the product’s webpage where it is available for purchase online in the United States.

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