Customers Sing the Praises for Dr. Burd’s Original Wonder Spray, an All-Natural Anti-Bacterial Multi-Use Personal Health Solution

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HOCL, a ‘Superhero’ Fighting Germs, is the Key Ingredient in Original Wonder Spray

San Diego, CA (PRUnderground) April 14th, 2023

The word is out. Consumers are praising Dr. Burd’s Original Wonder Spray.

Judy wrote: “Dr. Burd’s Wonder Spray… Amazing stuff! I’ve used it on a few different skin irritations, a rash, a scratch from a rose bush thorn, and even a mosquito bite! Each time I got relief from the discomfort, and I am sure they healed up faster than usual! Great product.”

Mariana raved about Wonder Spray: “My skin recently became irritated from the needle from my Omnipod insulin pump. I really did not want to switch out my pump because it was working so well for me. I decided to try out Dr. Burd’s Wonder Spray and it worked! I no longer have a rash, irritation, or scarring.”

Andrew added: “I have been using Dr. Burd’s Wonder Spray for about 6 months now. My family uses it for any bug bite, scrape, or minor skin irritation. Just a few quick squirts stop the itch within seconds. My 13-year-old even uses it to keep her skin blemishes away. Can’t say enough about this product.”

“We are thrilled that people love our Original Wonder Spray,” said Dr. John Burd, CEO of Wonder Spray, LLC in San Diego. “We have 23 reviews on Google. They are all five stars.”

What is making consumers so happy?

It is Original Wonder Spray with HOCL, a multi-use personal health solution.

“You can use our product to fight infections, reduce inflammation, and increase the body’s self-defense system to heal faster,” said Dr. Burd, a Ph.D. and biochemist.  “Wonder Spray is all-natural, gentle, fast-acting, and safe for children, adults, and pets.”

Dr. Burd said people can use Wonder Spray to treat eye, nasal, and respiratory symptoms, coughs, sore throats, mouth sores, gum issues, earaches, and dry and pink eyes. It can also be used to disinfect the home or office.

“Wonder Spray starts working immediately on contact,” Dr. Burd said. “It significantly decreases germs and bacteria in the affected area.”

Doctor-approved Wonder Spray is also free of alcohol, parabens, fragrance, phthalates, sulfates, gluten, and dye.

“We hope to see hundreds more positive testimonials,” Dr. Burd said. “Word of mouth is our best marketing strategy.”

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About Dr. Burd’s Wonder Spay

Wonder Spray was founded by Dr. John Burd, a renowned biochemist and the founder and former CEO of Dexcom, Inc., the leader in Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems. His current research is focused on formulating healthy natural solutions to common skin and health-related issues by harnessing the power of HOCL for everyday use. Dr. Burd’s Wonder Spray flagship product is Orginal Wonder, which can help to fight infection, reduce inflammation, and enhance your body’s natural ability to heal, and is highly effective against a wide range of ailments.

Dr. Burd has dedicated his career to helping family members and others.

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