Cuyler Pagano Crushes NFT Comic Book Crowdfunding Goals

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NFT comic creator and CEO of Abraxas DAO celebrates crowdfunding success.

Albuquerque, New Mexico (PRUnderground) September 7th, 2022

CEO and Founder of Abraxas DAO, Cuyler Pagano is extremely excited about the successful launch of his first comic book. Punkin Patch Issue #1, Rise of the Punkins, far exceeded his expectations, crushing his crowdfunding goal by 945%. Going into the campaign with little to no followers and no name recognition meant that it would take some serious work and marketing to get out in front of potential buyers and build his reputation in the comic industry. However, after only 12 hours, the Punkin Patch had been fully funded and kept growing.

“The Punkin Patch is a fun Halloween story that can be appreciated by old and young alike, so it’s no surprise that it caught on quickly,” says Pagano. “Halloween seems to be one of those occasions that has a great community, and people who love it love everything about it,” Pagano continued. “We brought on some big-name artists and we are really excited to see the fans take to it!”

The Punkin Patch is the first comic book release by Pagano and the Abraxas DAO, which boasts integration with web3 technology. Web3 (also known as Web 3.0) is an idea for a new iteration of the World Wide Web, which incorporates concepts such as decentralization, blockchain technologies, and token-based economics, where user information is stored securely on a decentralized blockchain and accessed by the user’s cryptocurrency wallet or a non-fungible token in said wallet.

Each physical comic book will come with a QR code that can be scanned by its owner to unlock a free NFT version of the comic. The NFT comic book can be read online by its owner and will also hold future utility yet to be announced within the Abraxas DAO ecosystem.

If you missed out on the comic book launch, you may still be able to scoop Issue #1 on the website sometime in October after the initial crowdfunding orders have shipped. There were limited numbers of all the various comic book cover art and any unsold comics will be placed for sale online and made available at in-person events like comic cons. There will also be opportunities to win them as prizes in special giveaways and future contests. For more information on chances to get a comic, be sure to follow the Abraxas Dao social media accounts and join their discord server.

Following the successful launch of the comic book, Abraxas will release a Punkin Patch game that can be played on your mobile device and PC. The game will also integrate with web3 technology by allowing users to cash out their in-game currency for cryptocurrency that can then be traded for USD. The game will also have some cool extra features for NFT holders of the Crypto Punkins, such as the ability to use your NFT Punkin as your in-game avatar and earn extra reward bonuses and multipliers.

The Punkin Patch is a fun launcher-style game with gravity mechanics where the user launches their Punkin to knock down various obstacles and defeat the dreaded orcs. This is something we see in issue 1 of the comic and follows the theme of the Punkins working to defeat the Orc Army and Punkin Smasher. Like the comic, the game looks to be fun for all ages. Something you could hand to your kid or your grandma for hours of Halloween-themed entertainment.

Pagano also states that the Abraxas DAO has plans for future Punkin Patch comics with a release every summer leading up to Halloween. There are also plans for the Punkin Patch to expand into an animated series although nothing concrete has been announced.

About Abraxas

Cuyler Pagano is the creator of Punkin Patch, as well as the Founder and CEO of Abraxas DAO. Abraxas DAO is a Web3 entertainment company focusing on games, comics, and unique digital experiences. The company offers NFT minting and marketing services to digital artists and content creators. Please visit to learn more.

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