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Cycling’s Latest Safety Accessory (HD Camera & Tail-light) Launches on Kickstarter

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Fly6 is a tail-light, featuring HD recording behind the cyclist during their ride. The device has already been quoted as a must-have cycling accessory!

Australia (PRUnderground) February 10th, 2014

Cycling’s latest invention to encourage safety on roads will seek support on crowd-funding website, Kickstarter from Feb 10.

The brainchild of cyclists, Andrew Hagen & Kingsley Fiegert, Fly6 is a tail-light featuring HD recording of what happens to the cyclist during their ride. The rear positioning caters to the most vulnerable area – where accidents are four times more deadly than those that can be responded to visually. Commuters & enthusiasts can ride easy, knowing Fly6 is watching their back. When motorists are aware they are being recorded they provide cyclists with more space & courtesy on the road.

The device has already been well received by the cycling community, with cyclists seeing the device as a must-have accessory.

Fly Lites CEO, Andrew Hagen, said:

“We have always had belief in the need for a product like Fly 6, and feedback to date confirms this product will be in very high demand.

As motorists become aware they could be recorded, they behave appropriately, just as they do when they see traffic or speed cameras ahead.”

One hundred and fifty Fly6 devices are already on bikes in a national trial covering over 35,000 kilometres each week with incredible results. Video footage taken with Fly6 is uploaded to

“We have been using the Fly6 for a few weeks now, and we can’t fault them. Very easy to use and the quality of the vision is fantastic. I can see that these will very quickly become the must have accessory for most cyclists.” Tony Anderson, Owner Arbitrage Racing, WA.

“Fly6 will be the ‘seat belt’ for cyclists.” Tim Willing, former Australian cycling champion.

Fly6 launches globally on Kickstarter on Feb 10 seeking to raise funds to roll out the first production run.

Through the trial of 150 units, Fly6 has raised $1,000 for the Australian cycling charity, the Amy Gillett Foundation, which promotes cycling safety through their safety campaign – “a metre matters”.

About Fly Lites

Fly Lites is a new company focused on creating innovative new technologies to enhance safety in the rapidly growing cycling market. Fly6, the company’s first product, is designed to encourage cooperation between motorists and cyclists, make the roads a safer environment and ultimately save lives.

More About Fly6:
Features include a world first:
• Fly6 is the first cycling accessory in the world to include Nano technology, rendering the device hydrophobic (repels water).
• 5hr + battery life recording in high definition as well as audio.
• Loop recording for ‘set and forget’ use and incident protection technology.
• Ships with an 8GB microSD card and is ready to use out of the box.

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