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Dakota Frandsen, Member of London Based Paranormal Company Parachills Pushes For Change

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Dakota is specialized in the investigation, research, and handling of events many may deem "supernatural." Partnered with colleagues at Parachills, they handle a variety of cases on an international scale; dealing from spirits, to cryptids, to the UAP phenomenon, even missing persons and cyber threats.

London, UK (PRUnderground) July 6th, 2021

The supernatural is one area many do not wish to meddle with, we all agree it’s there but usually, no one wants to have anything to do with it. That’s where Dakota Frandsen is different, a member of London based paranormal company Parachills has lived most of his life solving supernatural occurrences in our natural world. Taking the paranormal to new heights, he offers knowledge of the strange and helps members of the Parachills team to grow stronger. Led by Christopher Edgecombe, the Parachills team handle supernatural events on an international scale, dealing with spirits, cryptids, cyber threats and even missing persons.

Dakota realized that there was more to life from an early age, he had a passion for the paranormal and the arts and it has been a major part of who he is as a person. Remarkably, he turned his passion into a full-blown business that sees him collaborating with people from several different parties. Parachills LTD has now become a family and they are open to receive people who are passionate about the paranormal like them. 

Dakota Frandsen’s vision changed when a mysterious little girl appeared to him with an archangel to bring him back from the dead. Now his company Parachills focuses on impacting lives and more, they are the first-ever company pushing to normalize and establish the study of the unknown and beyond, what we call the supernatural. The company is unique in every sense of the word, offering merchandise, graphic design services, publishing services, educational materials, unique licensing for the field, and fun educational shows through YouTube. 

Parachills LTD also has its graphic design arm that offers a free social media design package for clients in a bid to reduce their costs. When Dakota Frandsen is not chasing the supernatural he is authoring books, releasing podcasts, and making music. He has a new book to be released soon titled “Dear Kota: Time to Fess Up” and a tie-in instrumental album “Lost”. 

According to Dakota, the company will be embarking on diverse journeys to special locations around the world, pioneering distinct projects and diving deeper into the paranormal world. The vision is to become a pioneer in the paranormal field and one of the ways Parachills plans to do that is to provide salaries for all of the company members. Already Dakota and company are blazing the trail in the paranormal industry, but his passion drives him to do, even more, affect lives and make bigger global impacts. 

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