Damon Burton’s “Learning from Others” Podcast Passes Point of No Return

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President of SEO firm and respected author launches podcast for entrepreneurs that continues to thrive.

Salt Lake City, UT (PRUnderground) March 1st, 2019

Damon Burton is a widely respected author, speaker and the President of SEO National, a popular search engine optimization firm. He is also the host of “Learning from Others,” a podcast for entrepreneurs that has outlived most new podcasts with dozens of published episodes to date.

Burton is well-suited for hosting a podcast. Prior to founding his SEO firm in 2007, he worked for seven years on-air in radio. And as a business owner himself, he has a finger on the pulse of what other entrepreneurs want to learn and understand from experts in various professions.

Burton is excited to have beaten the odds with “Learning from Others.” According to Dan Misner of Pacific Content, 12% of podcasts have published just one episode. 6% publish two. And 50% of all podcasts barely reach a dozen episodes before extinction.

There are a number of reasons podcasts don’t take off. They may lack a unique value proposition or an engaging, authentic “voice” that listeners can connect to. Some aren’t properly promoted, and then there’s the fact that they require far more time to produce than most people bank on.

“A lot of people have ideas that they want to get out there, but they underestimate the sheer amount of elbow grease that is required to sustain a podcast,” said Burton. “It’s far more than just setting up a microphone and interviewing people.”

Burton said that his radio work helped him know exactly what he was getting into, and he’s also okay playing the long game.

“I knew what kind of resources the podcast would take, and I didn’t launch until I was prepared to supply them,” said Burton. “Because of that, I’m able to consistently supply high-quality content that resonates with my listeners.”

With two dozen of his podcasts published and an additional dozen already recorded, Burton has beat the odds as his podcast continues to thrive.

“Learning from Others” entrepreneur podcasts have featured the following guests with many innovators to follow:

  • Karen Walker, Compaq Computers’ employee #104 who helped lead the company from no revenue to $1 billion
  • Damion Lupo, four-time college dropout who became a self-made millionaire by age 25
  • Darren Squires, former President of Fanzz sports merchandise and apparel with over 85 retail stores across the country. Squires now serves as the Chief Analytics Officer for a leading Las Vegas law firm.

Damon Burton is the author of “Outrank,” a book devoted to helping entrepreneurs improve their search engine optimization. He has been featured on Buzzfeed and USA weekly and has optimized websites for Inc. 5000 businesses, NBA teams, and Shark Tank-featured companies.

To learn more about Burton’s “Learning from Others” podcast, visit www.LearningFromOthers.com.

About Damon Burton

A husband and father of three, Damon Burton founded a successful SEO company in 2007, SEO National. In the past decade-plus he has written a book on SEO, writes for Forbes, has been featured on BuzzFeed, USA Weekly, and has optimized websites for INC5000 companies, NBA teams, and businesses featured on Shark Tank.

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