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Lexington, KY (PRUnderground) April 18th, 2023

Your body is actually your greatest asset. You can find people saying having a healthy body is a luxury in the present lifestyle where there is no time to dedicate to their wellness. Giving a deep thought, It is just an excuse most people use to avoid concentrating on their health. Laziness remains the important reason along with no actual interest in doing activities like exercising. A simple remedy for this is to engage in activities that make you healthy and interesting at the same time. “Dance” is the best option available for the problem, says Arthur Murray Dance Studio, a ThreeBestRated® award winner from Lexington for the year 2023. In between their enjoyable dance training, They have shared some words on using dance as a replacement for exercise for your body,

Dancing for a while can do wonders in your body! It is one of the very few exciting ways to move your body. Performing dance for five minutes is said to burn around 29 calories on an average which is way better while considering the involvement factor. Dancing moves almost every part of your body which obviously relaxes it and reduces stress to your body eventually. It is the most fun way to reduce fat while burning calories which highly helps you in weight loss.

Most people are unaware of the mental benefits of good dancing. It relieves tension and constitutes inner happiness. According to researchers, Dancing is said to have a good effect on the functioning of the brain, particularly increasing memory in old people. Your social involvement can increase with dancing as you will have to collaborate with people to do it. This makes you confident, come out of your insecurities and evolve as a person. Additionally, it remains a great career opportunity too.

Improved mobility & flexibility, an increase in stamina & blood flow, better sleep, a stronger immune system and a better sense of balance are some of the additional benefits of dancing for a while. There are a variety of dance forms in practice that have their own effects on the body. For example, Ballet is best for the lower body, Tap dance is great for cardio whereas Tango is like a whole-body workout.

Funnily, if you are single, it’s a great way to meet new people and exercise without the “boredom”. On the other hand, if you’re a couple, you get to spend time together and really develop a common language! Dancing for a minimum of 30 minutes every day will definitely keep doctors away, finishes the studio. If you are confused about where to start, Arthur Murray Dance Studio is the right spot which is a famous dance studio that can train you on various dance forms.

All About Arthur Murray Dance Studio

Arthur Murray Dance Studio offers an array of dance lessons, from beginner to advanced level. The variety of service they provide from single one-on-one training to group dance training made them famous in the regions of Lexington. From the moment you walk in the door — you’ll be dancing — even if you have 2 left feet they can make it happen. Five of their teachers are the top in the industry and can make you effortless in dancing.

Arthur Murray Dance Studio has been teaching all types of Ballroom, Social, Latin, and Country Western Dancing in Lexington for over 22 years and over 100 years worldwide. Arthur Murray always has the highest standards for excellence in training, certification, and professionalism. They work on the goal to always make it easy for anyone to learn — a fun and easy approach for both singles and couples makes them prosper. Going the extra mile for the client’s convenience is the basic work plan of the studio. Contact them immediately to get 2 FREE Private lessons at https://www.dancestudiolexingtonky.com/

Arthur Murray Dance Studio feels privileged to be awarded as the best dance studio in Lexington after cracking the 50-Point Inspection of ThreeBestRated®. On winning the award, The studio says, “We really like the fact that ThreeBestRated® really qualifies each business that is recommended — this level of discernment gives the customer a sense of satisfaction knowing they chose the right establishment. We feel elated to be one. We continue to grow — after the year of the pandemic when social connection wasn’t possible…we want to help everyone get back out, restart their lives, and re-discover themselves. If you want to try dancing — Arthur Murray is the place to be”.

About ThreeBestRated®

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