Daniel Pessin on Eight Ways to Strengthen Your Entrepreneurial Mind

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What does it take to be an “entrepreneur?” Determination, dedication, risk, and vision are some of the critical values that make successful entrepreneurs.

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRUnderground) July 17th, 2019

An entrepreneur is a person who starts a business.

Coming up with a business idea, starting it, and risking money to try to make it successful is part of being an entrepreneur. However, entrepreneurship goes far beyond profits and losses. Your mindset and your actions are vital for success.

So what does it take to develop a strong entrepreneurial mind? We spoke with Daniel Pessin, the founder, and CEO of Digital Mind Inc., on ways of developing a strong entrepreneurial mind, and this is what he had to say.

Daniel Pessin’s eight ways of strengthening your entrepreneurial mind

● Come up with a Shared Vision

Provided your business is clear on its objectives, obligations, and mission, as the leader, establish a vision and let it define your everyday operation and share it with others. If you have a team, they must be put in a position to contribute towards shaping the vision. Let your team contribute by communicating freely in every available opportunity.

● Give and Expect Nothing in Return

Good things will come your way whenever you offer help without expecting anything in return.  Great entrepreneurs regularly share ideas with people in their industry.  This is usually one of the best ways to learn about new ideas.

● Find Yourself a Mentor, Someone You Look Up to

Mentors are those individuals who’ve been there, done that, and seen it all. A woeful number of entrepreneurs start without seeking one. More young entrepreneurs today try to find co-founders instead of mentors. This is not the best strategy. Have a good mentor you can talk to and get guidance from is far more valuable then a co-founder with less experience.

Even the most successful entrepreneurs have many mentors. A perfect example is Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, whose mentor was Steve Jobs. Jobs himself had a mentor in Mike Markkula, an early executive at Apple.

● Reach Out to the Customers

Most entrepreneurs , especially the founders of technology startups, mainly focus on developing the product first and assume that monetization will naturally follow. They disregard the need for marketing; thinking that the customers will find them. A majority have this delusional vision.

As an entrepreneur, you want to reach out to the customers, sell yourself, and get feedback about your product/service. That’s the only real way to improve.

● Attend Conferences, Connect With People

Conferences are usually designed so you can explore and discover new trends that are developing within your industry. It offers the opportunity to expand your entrepreneurial network, make new friendships, and learn from your peers. These conferences enable startups to gain more visibility and potentially get constructive feedback from peers at the conference.

● Clear Communication

As the head of your organization, you are responsible for the strategic vision for your company. Your daily operations should work around that vision.

When you don’t have consistency or clear communication, it’s easy for team members to get confused about what you’re trying to accomplish. As a result, productivity will go down, and you might even have employee conflicts.

With clear communication, team members will have a clear direction and path.

● Set Your Product Apart

Potential customers should get excited when they think about your product.  What’s that one specific feature of your product that is unique and set you apart from the rest?

Over the years, marketers have given a name to this single feature that separates your business from the rest. They call it, a unique selling proposition (USP). Interestingly enough, this unique attribute doesn’t always necessarily have to be unique to you, or your services; all you need is creating the belief that it’s unique in the mind of your customers.

● Take Calculated Risks

As an entrepreneur, before taking any risk that may come your way, understand that there’s such a thing called calculated risk. You must be smart with the risks you take. Identify if the risk is worth the reward and go for it!

The following responses were given by Daniel Pessin, CEO of Digital Mind Inc.

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