Datatel is joining forces with Holiday Helpers, to bring a full holiday experience to a family in need

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Toronto, Canada (PRUnderground) December 8th, 2022

Datatel Inc. (in Canada) a leader in IVR Payments and Payment Technology for over 20 years is participating in holiday drive to bring full holiday experience to a family in need.

When you are a child, the holidays are often a time of magic and possibility, but once you grow up and begin to shoulder adult responsibilities the magic starts to fade a bit, and eventually it can turn into just one more of a long list of obligations.

But what if we had it backward? What if it wasn’t the season that brought out the best in us, but it was our kindness that brought out the best in the season?

This holiday season, on behalf of our customers and partners Datatel has joined up with Holiday Helpers a GTA & Hamilton-based registered charitable organization that for more than 20 years has been bringing a full holiday experience to families with young children in the GTA & Hamilton areas who find themselves in need of a helping hand, including:

  • Single parent families
  • New immigrants to Canada
  • Families who rely on subsidized daycare or living
  •  Families who have experienced a catastrophic event that has impacted their financial situation

This year they are aiming to sponsor at least 1,000 families and Datatel is sponsoring one of those. And we’re not just writing a check either (though those are always welcome too). We wanted this to be a personalized hands-on experience for our team and since being paired with a family in early November we have been meeting and planning and shopping with the aim of  ensuring that we do all that we can to make their 2022 Holiday Season brighter than it might otherwise be.

If you are interested in helping a family in need in the GTA/Hamilton area either message us or contact Holiday Helpers

Or, contact a charity or charities in your own local area.

Together, through our generosity let’s bring back the magic of the holiday season!

About Datatel Inc

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At Datatel, we empower businesses to de-risk their payment processes, helping them focus on being more agile, profitable, secure and successful. By leveraging our cutting-edge payment software solutions and PCI-focused services Datatel helps businesses significantly reduce the inherent vulnerabilities of handling credit card data by ensuring efficient operations, meeting payment card industry security requirements, and enabling them to focus on growth and their customers.

As a PCI Level 1 Service Provider and PCI SSC Associate Participating Member, we are committed to safeguarding our customers payment ecosystems and advocating for payment security standards globally.

Twenty-seven years ago, we launched Datatel with the vision of delivering innovative interactive voice response and business process automation solutions to enterprises. As we evolved and grew, our focus homed in on secure payment software and secure phone payment solutions to help our clients achieve greater efficiencies and future proof their operations.

Datatel’s IVR Payments, Payment Technology, and transaction automation solutions are employed globally by thousands of businesses, healthcare providers, academic institutions, government, software companies, and service providers.

At Datatel, we believe that a society that shortchanges its youngest and most vulnerable members is one that forfeits its own future. With that in mind, Datatel is involved with our community, working as a team to provide those who are in need with the support that will help them overcome their challenges, resulting in a brighter future for all of us and for generations to come

Our success comes from investing in our people, our customers, our partners, and technology. With a focus on innovation and security, we have arrived at a service delivery model that guarantees our customers’ satisfaction.

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