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David Crawford Creates New Expert Blog Website on Sports Therapy

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David Crawford, a sports therapy expert, recently launched a new blog related to sports medicine. Read on to learn more.

Ohio (PRUnderground) May 19th, 2020

Individuals who would like to learn more about proper sports training and about overcoming sports-related injuries can now take full advantage of a brand-new blog by sports therapy expert David Crawford.

Crawford’s new blog microsite can be found at https://www.davidcrawfordblog.com/. The blog site covers many aspects of the dynamic sports therapy field, including how to train to play sports, take advantage of sports therapy, and pursue careers in sports therapy.


According to David Crawford, athletes generally strive to avoid suffering injuries while out on the court or on the field. However, injuries can happen at any time. For this reason, sports medicine is so important. This medical field’s main focus is to care for athletes and other individuals who are into exercise.

On his new website, Crawford explains that the purpose of sports therapy is to prevent exercise- and sports-related injuries, as well as rehabilitate injured patients with the goal of returning them to their optimal conditions. Sports therapists are usually hired to help athletes to prepare for their games both physically and mentally.

For instance, sports therapists can create prehabilitation workouts for athletes to keep them from developing injuries. In fact, they can produce sport-specific ones to help athletes to stay healthy in certain sports. As an example, football players may be encouraged to perform more strengthening exercised focused on their necks to mitigate their risk of suffering concussions. Meanwhile, sports therapists may encourage baseball players to do perform more exercises designed to protect them from elbow and shoulder injuries stemming from repetitive motions.

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Online users who are interested in going into sports therapy as a career field, rather than simply receiving sports therapy, can also receive practical education and career tips from Crawford’s new website. For instance, on the website, readers can learn about the education and licensing requirements for becoming a sports therapist.

A major area of focus of the site is the types of sport injuries that sports therapists may have to address at some point. For instance, he outlines what sets strains apart from sprains. According to Crawford, strains result from tearing or overstretching tendons, whereas sprains result from tearing or overstretching ligaments, especially on a person’s ankles. In addition, David Crawford provides information on how fractures, knee injuries, and dislocations impact the body and how people with these injuries can cope with them effectively.

Crawford’s hope is that through his new site, all online users can receive the motivation and information they need to take full advantage of today’s sports medicine field, whether as athletes or therapists, long term.

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