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David Crawford, MD, Discusses Surgery During COVID-19 in Interview

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David Crawford, MD, recently shared insights into surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic in an interview. Read on to learn more.

New Albany, OH (PRUnderground) June 23rd, 2020

Dr. David Crawford, MD, of Joint Implant Surgeons (JIS) recently shared during an interview what patients can expect during surgery in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic. JIS—a leading outpatient joint replacement practice—is officially open and currently taking calls for telehealth visits. However, it is also capable of performing some elective surgeries, according to Dr. Crawford.

Surgery During COVID-19 

According to Dr. David Crawford, MD, surgery has been postponed during the coronavirus pandemic for multiple reasons. First, JIS decided to postpone surgery to preserve personal protective equipment for the frontline health care providers taking care of COVID-19 patients. In addition, JIS did not want patients to go to hospitals for elective procedures and end up being exposed to the coronavirus due to hospital staff or other patients.

However, at the moment, the surgery centers that JIS is working out of are not caring for COVID-19 patients, nor does JIS expect them to. Furthermore, JIS is currently allowed to perform surgeries aimed at saving patients’ lives or their limbs, such as their arms or legs. For instance, if patients have cancers that could spread to other parts of their bodies without JIS’s intervention, JIS can perform surgeries to keep these cancers from spreading.

In addition, JIS is currently able to treat patients who are experiencing the rapid worsening of their severe orthopedic symptoms. For example, people may need treatment sooner if they are suffering from hip arthritis, knee arthritis, or rotator cuff tears. According to Dr. Crawford, the same is true for those experiencing bone fractures, joint infections, or spine conditions that could lead to permanent damage without surgical intervention.

These issues may cause people to have trouble performing activities of daily living, such as bathing themselves or going to the store, so prioritizing patients with these issues is important to JIS, according to Dr. Crawford.

JIS and the Post–COVID-19 World

During the interview, Dr. David Crawford, MD, said he served nine years in the military, including being deployed to Afghanistan, so he is used to dealing with crisis situations. In fact, during the current pandemic, he has personally adopted a saying commonly used in the military: “Adapt and overcome.”

Likewise, JIS is adapting every day to the new information that is coming out, as well as new guidelines. Amid all of these changes, the company is committed to helping its patients to remain healthy and safe in today’s post-COVID world, according to Dr. Crawford.

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