DAWGS Remotely Manages Vacant Property Security During COVID-19 Pandemic

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, a Florida mortgage lender needed his New Jersey properties secured due to vandalism and break-ins. DAWGS managed the entire process remotely

Chicago, IL (PRUnderground) June 22nd, 2020

During the Coronavirus Pandemic, a Florida-based mortgage lender was experiencing break-ins and vandalism issues with their New Jersey property portfolio. Due to the COVID-19 lock-down and travel restrictions, the lender’s representative was unable to travel to the properties to coordinate security. 

The lender reached out to vacant property security experts, Door and Window Guards Systems. The DAWGS team remotely managed the entire project seamlessly. The customer was able to remain out of state while a DAWGS team member managed the entire process of securing the vacant properties.

Peace of Mind During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The southern Florida-based lender commented “When the pandemic lock-downs were implemented, we were concerned that we would not be able to protect our remote properties. When we enlisted DAWGS, they provided convenience and peace of mind by remotely managing property security for our properties in New Jersey. They gave us frequent updates and photos of the entire security process”.

Benefits of Remotely Securing Vacant Properties with DAWGS

  • Remote management of property security allows lenders to avoid unnecessary travel and save time and money.

  • DAWGS impenetrable steel door and window guards stop break-ins. This eliminates the cost that can arise from stolen materials and contractor tools, as well as the cost that accompanies property repairs resulting from break-ins.

  • DAWGS coded door guards provide safe, reliable and managed access to the property – there is no need for cumbersome and unreliable lock boxes.

If you have a need to secure a property, locally or remotely, DAWGS has you covered with our turnkey vacant property solutions. DAWGS patented steel door and window guards eliminate break-ins. 

About DAWGS Vacant Property Security

DAWGS Vacant Property Security is a full-service vacant property security solution provider. DAWGS manufactures, installs and maintains steel door and window guards to secure vacant properties. DAWGS products provide unrivaled security for vacant properties.

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