Decentralized Fact-Checking with DBNK Tokens and NFTs

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Bringing the power of fact-checking back to the community using cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, machine learning and NFTs.

Miami, FL (PRUnderground) August 26th, 2022

IsItDebunked Ltd. Are kick-starting their revamped launch with special NFTs…

People have heard of NFTs and the power of the images but they don’t understand that behind the concept you can utilize them for storing information and data directly to the chain and claiming ownership of this information.

Theoretically this information is then hard to destroy and will keep the data and information stored for future generations, unless the blockchain itself is taken down which is highly unlikely and very costly to do so. So the best way to keep information available to the masses will be utilizing NFTs in the metadata it will store the information. Facts are important for future as facts can be misconstrued and the winners of wars usually take ownership of the lies, oh we mean their facts. This will not happen in the future thanks to what IsItDebunked Ltd. And others in the blockchain world are building together.

As part of the the IsItDebunked ecosystem you have; DBNK Tokens which are reward tokens that users will be able to exchange for information and data, using these tokens for governance voting and profit sharing of the ecosystem. This then leads on to the NFTs, the first lot of NFTs are DebunkOwls which you can find on various platforms and different blockchains and inside some are special messages involving important information that was brought to our attention by the infamous John McAfee who fought in many ways to create a more free world for all which meant that even his death lead to many conspiracy theories surrounding the events around the time.

The next 9-12 months will see the platforms that all the users have been awaiting for the last few years to finally materialize as IsItDebunked Ltd were awaiting Flare Networks to release their protocols to allow bridging of blockchains that don’t have well formed smart contract abilities to become part of the decentralized finance (DEFI) world; bringing cryptocurrencies such as; Doge, Bitcoin, Stellar, Ripple and others which will revilutionize and take blockchain to the new age of crypto.

Come join us on our mission to change the world of fact checking forever!

About IsItDebunked Ltd.

IsItDebunked Ltd. Are creating a more fact-based world by allowing users to come together to fact check in a decentralized way using Blockchain Technology.

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