DeckGuru Is More Than Just a Name for This Virginia Decking Company

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Northern Virginia deck construction company, DeckGuru, was named intentionally, as the owner approaches every project with special care and dedication to make the deck-building process easier than ever for customers.

Sterling, VA (PRUnderground) November 29th, 2022

When Fred Small, Jr. created DeckGuru, he chose the name because he knows all the ins and outs of building high-quality, affordable decks for the everyday homeowner. He says, “I wanted to keep decking projects simple for my customers, and with my wealth of knowledge on how to do it, the DeckGuru name seemed like a natural fit.”

As a result, the DeckGuru team has built a strong reputation within the community. Below, the team shares the qualities that make them the top choice for local deck projects.

Meeting Customers’ Needs

DeckGuru understands that most homeowners aren’t looking to spend a fortune on a remodeling project. Instead, they want a functional place where they can enjoy the great outdoors with their family for a price that won’t break the bank. Using this knowledge, DeckGuru has simplified its process to create practical yet eye-catching designs that suit any family’s needs.

Restoring and Replacing as Needed

The DeckGuru team specializes in deck restoration and replacement projects, using a unique approach to create beautiful and durable outdoor living spaces.

  • Deck Restoration: DeckGuru’s team of expert installers will replace damaged boards, secure any loose connections, and apply a color-enhanced sealer to help restore old decks back to their former glory.
  • Deck Replacement: Sometimes, the structural foundation of a deck is still in good shape. In that case, the DeckGuru team can keep that in place and do a less invasive replacement project, installing new rails, stairs, and decking to revitalize an old deck for the right price.

Recognition by Industry Experts 

The DeckGuru team knows the “guru” name carries more weight when outside organizations also recognize their expertise. The team is proud to be a member of the North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA), which is the only deck industry organization. As part of NADRA, DeckGuru has access to tools to help its employees continually learn how to better serve customers and exceed expectations.

About DuckGuru

DeckGuru’s mission is to serve the everyday homeowner who is looking to build a more functional outdoor living space for the right price. The company offers comprehensive deck restoration and replacement services as well as upgrades to existing outdoor spaces. Learn more by visiting

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