Deep Analysis on the Popularity of MetaTdex DEX Angel NFT

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The Value Structure of DEX Angel NFT

Dubai, UAE (PRUnderground) April 14th, 2023

Recently, the crypto community has set off a wave for the Crypto-Stock NFT subscription of MetaTdex. Many people wonder why MetaTdex NFT is so popular? What is the basic support for the expected value of NFT? As DEX DAO NFT has been sold out, this article will analyse the value composition of DEX Angel NFT to help understand the MetaTdex Crypto-Stock NFT, which serves as the minting pass for stock tokens.

  • MetaTdex, one of the top 6 decentralized exchanges in the world, is expected to be listed in Hong Kong by mid-2023.
  • MetaTdex equity NFT anchors the value of listed Hong Kong stocks, allowing holders to obtain equity appreciation profits via BGT.

Ⅰ. The Value Structure of DEX Angel NFT

  1. Policy Dividends: DEX Angel NFT is the cornerstone of MetaTdex’s crypto-stock ecosystem development

Hong Kong has released the “Policy Statement on Development of Virtual Assets in Hong Kong”, which clarifies Hong Kong’s open policy stance and guidelines for developing a dynamic virtual asset industry and ecosystem. Based on this policy opportunity, here comes a question: How to leverage the two trillion-dollar markets—the $1.2 trillion global crypto market and the $124 trillion global stock market? In this regard, MetaTdex proposed an integrated solution for crypto-stock interoperability. Crypto-Stock (BGT), MetaTdex’s crypto-stock trading sector, has created the first Hong Kong stock trading platform for Web3 broker services. Anchoring the value of Hong Kong stocks, MetaTdex Crypto-Stock is committed to realizing the seamless connection for crypto-stock transactions.

The issuance and sale of DEX Angel NFT is a significant part in the ecosystem construction of MetaTdex’s crypto-stock interoperability.

  • Metatdex BGT anchors the value of Hong Kong stocks to provide capital flow, user flow, and liquidity access for the Hong Kong stock market.
  • Relying on a complete platform product system, MetaTdex is the very first pioneer to create a rich crypto-stock ecosystem including shareholding mining, NFT equity token mining mechanism, crypto-stock margin trading, indices trading, and more.
  • MetaTdex BGT is able to offer a certain degree of value support to the upcoming SAAS system. MetaTde is set to become an integrated crypto-stock solution provider, achieve the continuous growth of businesses, as well as assist in the establishment of a DEX alliance across the industry.

DEX Angel is one of the core products in the Crypto-Stock ecosystem that enables early participants to acquire a sequence of benefits. Users who subscribe to the DEX Angel NFT are eligible to obtain the minting rights of MetaTdex stock tokens. After release, these equity tokens can be directly traded, staked for mining, and circulated among various crypto-stock derivatives.

  1. Listed Company’s Shareholder Equities: MetaTdex has made substantial progress in the Hong Kong listing.

With the rapid development of businesses and constant product innovation, MetaTdex exchange has realized not only a surging user base but also a continuous increase in valuation. After MetaTdex goes public, the DEX Angel NFT can be converted to the stock token BGT and the holders can officially become platform shareholders. Currently, MetaTdex has made substantial progress in the Hong Kong listing. The capitalization path of MetaTdex is as follows:

  1. Current High Return: up to 40% referral rebate

The DEX Angel NFT has been launched with multiple benefits. Prior to the listing of MetaTdex, the DEX Angel NFT holders are entitled to enjoy the following privileges:

  • High referral rebate that is directly distributed to user wallets. First of all, users who have successfully invited friends to subscribe to the DEX Angel NFT can enjoy a 15% purchase amount rebate. Besides, users who become angel ambassadors can enjoy a referral rebate up to 40%, with rewards for both direct and indirect referrals. This part of rewards will not be affected by the listing process or token price.
  • A 12% discount for the spot trading fee that is very helpful for users with strong transaction demands. For instance, in terms of the MetaTdex Trade Mining (TT/USDT, MATIC/USDT), the trading fee cost will be greatly reduced during frequent transactions. In addition, there is a 27,000 TT (Tdex Token) prize pool worth around $40,000 per day for MetaTdex Trade Mining.
  1. Highly Expected Long-Term Income: leading DEX stock in the Hong Kong stock market

MetaTdex’s Web 3.0 conceptual stock to be listed in the Hong Kong stock market has a huge value space, generally exceeding $500 million. The stock involved in the privilege package of DEX Angel NFT is issued anchoring the Hong Kong stock, with a high possibility of a listing premium and highly expected returns on exchange for the Hong Kong stock. Here are some earning cases of Web 3.0 conceptual stocks:

  • Coinbase stock rose by over 100% in 2023, from $33 on January 5 to $67.84 on April 13;
  • The early investors of Flowing Cloud stock, which was listed on the HKEX last year, had a yield rate of up to 135%. The opening price of the stock is HKD 2.21, with a peak of HKD 5.2;
  • MetaTdex stock, the first DEX stock to be issued by one of the top 10 decentralized exchanges in the Hong Kong stock market, will attract widespread attention from the capital market.

After MetaTdex officially goes public, all stock tokens in DEX Angel NFT will be released and distributed to user wallets. These stock tokens can be traded directly or staked for mining in MetaTdex Crypto-Stock to get opportunities for targeted additional stock issuance rewards and an increasing stock quantity.

Ⅱ. The Scarcity of DEX Angel NFT

The DEX Angel NFT is quite scarce since it only accounts for 1.5% of the total supply of MetaTdex stock. The original valuation of MetaTdex before its listing is $170 million, and the DEX Angel NFT anchors 16.5% of its stock shares to be issued in a lockup manner. Thereinto, 12,500 DEX DAO NFTs anchor a total of 15%, with a 2,000 USDT unit price for user subscription. Users who purchase the DEX DAO NFT can receive 6,000 corresponding equity tokens. As for the DEX Angel NFT, there are 250,000 pieces in total anchoring only 1.5%, with an issue price of 9.9 USDTs.

The price of DEX Angel NFT has soared to $19 (0.01ETH) on OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT trading market, which is 90% higher than the issue price of 9.9 USDTs.

Ⅲ. The Polularity of the Same Series of Products

With plenty of traditional financial institutions and Web 3.0 funds involved, the DEX DAO series of products has been sold out rapidly, showing its high market recognition. The DEX DAO NFT, which is issued anchoring 15% of the total supply of MetaTdex stock, has set off a wave of subscriptions that all the 12,500 NFTs have been sold out only three weeks after its launch. Ultimately, a total of $25 million funds has entered the crypto-stock ecosystem.

For now, only the DEX Angel NFT access is left for investors to obtain the mining right of MetaTdex’s Hong Kong stock. Due to the strong willingness of global users to enter the crypto-stock ecosystem, the realization of practical benefits generated from the crypto-stock interoperability will come soon. Let’s wait and see!

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