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New Brunswick, CANADA (PRUnderground) January 9th, 2023

Smiles matter a lot in one’s life. A beautiful smile showcases the positive outlook of life, but crooked teeth could be a menace to that beautiful smile. Therefore people opt for teeth straightening options like braces and clear aligners. However, the majority of people once they take their braces off, they think that they are done and do not need to follow their dentist’s recommendation, but actually not. If you don’t maintain your teeth after braces, the years, the money and the time you spend to achieve a beautiful smile will be in vain.

Maintain Your Teeth Properly:

  • Brushing Twice A Day: No matter if the braces are on or off, you must brush your teeth twice a day. Most people brush their teeth in the morning and neglect it at night. Usually, the germs will multiply at night rather than in the morning, so brushing before your bed removes the food particles from your mouth on which the bacteria feed and keeps the oral cavity healthy.
  • Flossing:  Brushing must be followed by flossing. Even after you’re done with brushing, the tiny food particle could get stuck in between the teeth where your brush’s bristle couldn’t reach. This is detrimental to your oral hygiene. So never forget to floss for two minutes every day.
  • Rinse After Every Meal: Rinse the mouth after every meal/beverage you have especially the sugary soft drinks, coffee, red wine, etc that can stain your teeth and remain in the mouth to be fed by bacteria. So giving your mouth a thorough rinse after every meal will remove the stains and bacteria.
  • Dental Examination: Dental exam or dental check-up is generally done to screen any possible dental problems ranging from cavities, and bad breath to oral cancer. As it involves x-rays, periodontal exams, and throat examinations, it is the best possible method to detect and treat problems at the earliest possible time. Hence opting for the dental exam twice a year is advisable.
  • Dental Cleaning: Dental cleaning aims at removing the deposits like stubborn tartar and plaque that can’t be dealt with brushing and eliminating the cause of dental problems. Besides the dental examination once a year, it is good to go for a dental cleaning twice a year.

The above said makes up the best routine to have a healthy smile. It doesn’t matter if the braces are on or off, you must follow this routine. The fact is that the majority of people limit their routine to brushing and flossing, neglecting the dental visit – that is not advisable. If you are looking for a professional to check your dental problems, Bella Panjwani & her team will help you.

Why Hi-Tech Family Dentistry?

Bella Panjwani is a licensed dentist who along with her team provides dental care to people to bring their smiles and confidence back. Knowing the negative impact poor oral hygiene could have on one’s life, she and her team offer people a broad range of services starting from digital x-rays to oral cancer screening exams.

“Hi-Tech Family Dentistry” family has been proven to help Saint John and the surrounding community with warm hearts and great dedication” – says Bella Panjwani. They provide a comprehensive service along with professionalism and compassion which ensure the clients’ well-being and satisfaction. In each and every visit of their patients, they strive to provide patient-centered, individualized, and non-judgemental treatment with compassionate hearts. Doing so they seed an immense trust in their patients’ hearts.

Hi-Tech Family Dentistry has received the prestigious ThreeBestRatedⓇ award for their uncommendable service by getting through a strict 50-Point Inspection to be listed as one of the top three dentists. This again sheds some light on their trustworthiness. Bella feels very proud to receive the awards as she says “Listing on ThreeBestRated® gives me a better platform to reach out to a wider potential customer base”.

In Hi-Tech Family Dentistry, they offer general dentistry including bridges & crowns, dentures, regular checkups/cleaning, TMJ treatment, emergency dental care, Cosmetic dentistry including Clear Aligners, veneers, teeth whitening, orthodontics, dental implants, teeth extraction, root canal treatment, and pediatric dentistry. If you want to achieve a bright smile, click here to get to know more about them:

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