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Denver DEI Consultant Seeks To Improve Employee Retention And Help Talent Acquisition

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DEI Change Management Consultant Yeruwelle de Rouen underlines the importance of a diverse, inclusive and restorative company culture in an effort to attract and retain employees

Denver, CO (PRUnderground) July 19th, 2022

Hiring employees and retaining them is a top focus for businesses and organizations on the cusp of the Great Resignation. With a market that benefits job seekers, it’s never been more important for employers to create a culture employees want to work in.

According to Microsoft’s Recent Work Index Trend, 41 percent of employees say they are considering changing jobs during the next year. In that survey, 46 percent of people say they’re looking at making a major career change in the next year. A focus on employee retention has never been more important.

An inclusive company culture that celebrates diversity is one piece of the puzzle. Intersectional Innovations, an Equity, Belonging and Inclusion (EBI) consulting company is working to help organizational leadership co-create the work environment with employees.

Yeruwelle de Rouen, the founder of Intersectional Innovations, is a (EBI) consultant in the STEM and Education fields.

Through Intersectional Innovations, de Rouen conducts workshops, provides consulting and performs individual assessments for leadership teams to guide development of an inclusive and diverse company culture within their organization.

“Today’s top talent knows their worth and are seeking employers that meet them where they’re at and welcomes a diverse experience that celebrates the individual,” states de Rouen. “By designing restorative organizational culture, you can center efficiency, balance and wellness over ego, old ideas and biases. That is how true inclusion, belonging and creative innovation can take place.”

In research conducted by Korn Ferry, 57 percent of employees who recently resigned said feeling disrespected played a major role in their decision.

Research conclusively demonstrates that organizations that prioritize DEI initiatives consistently see faster innovation, increased productivity, and higher employee satisfaction.

Leaders want the confidence to promote DEI initiatives in a meaningful and measurable way. By choosing to collaborate with experts in DEI consulting, organizations are taking the lead in promoting equity today and ensuring higher employee retention tomorrow.

“Developing the mindset of an inclusive leader is key to shifting the focus of management to the development of people,” states de Rouen. “Investing in redesigning how everyone feels at work starts with uplifting the diversity of need, thought and expertise with your company. As you create with your employees an organization can begin to unwind oppressive, industrialized systems and meet the many societal changes ahead.”

About Intersectional Innovations:

Intersectional Innovations is a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) consulting company with proven experience in collaborative design support for organizational culture. Through group and individual coaching, Yeruwelle de Rouen has developed strategies and tools that promote anti-domination and anti-racist learning in order to reduce interpersonal conflict and create healthier more productive organizational cultures.

Find more information for improving employee retention through DEI training at https://www.intersectionalinnovations.com

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