Denver’s Only Nonprofit Food Truck Kitchen One For One Announces September Kickstarter

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Denver’s first non-profit food truck Kitchen for One is a ministry project to help feed those in need amazing high-quality street tacos.

Denver, Colorado (PRUnderground) September 5th, 2018

Denver has a problem with people going hungry. The reasons are diverse, but the results are the same and they can truly hurt a caring person’s heart. Here lies an opportunity to directly impact those in need.

Two men who met at their local church decided to do something about it. Mark Sunderhuse and Chris Kilcullen have devoted themselves to feeding the hungry in downtown Denver in a very cool, “outside the box” way – better yet “outside the truck”. Kilcullen, Sunderhuse, and dedicated volunteers have come together to run Denver’s only non-profit food truck – Kitchen One for One.

The KOFO crew serves a variety of street tacos with all the gourmet garnishes, including sides of queso mac and cheese, and tasty limeade for free along with lots of love and kindness. The success they have seen and the excitement surrounding Kitchen One for One is astounding. The KOFO Board has announced they are launching a campaign on Kickstarter aimed at expanding their street Ministry by bringing on more staff allowing them to operate additional days and locations during the week.

“We will be selling tacos at lunchtime and using all proceeds to continue feeding the homeless and marginalized for free, hence the name One for One,” commented Kilcullen, who is clearly passionate about business as it directly helps the Denver community in many ways.

“We are creating a self-sustainable non-profit where it isn’t necessary to rely only on donations which allows us to be more mission-centric,” said Sunderhuse.

This unique Kickstarter campaign will launch September 8th, 2018. The campaign is a key step forward in not only expanding operations in Denver, but supporting a new non-profit model with a food truck franchise concept that could spread nationwide. Kilcullen, with a 25-year career in franchise development within the hospitality industry, and Sunderhuse, who has deep expertise in investment banking are now creating new a non-profit franchise model they hope others will follow

“With the cost of living and housing so high in Denver and our economy very strong I’m amazed at the amount of working poor we serve,” commented Steve Babb a board member. “I hope the growth in personal and business incomes in Colorado help people see the need to fund this effort now as they reflect on their own prosperity and can unite around a common cause”

Follow Kitchen for One on both Instagram and Facebook @KOneforOne or send an email to for the latest updates. Check out their video on Vimeo here.

About Kitchen For One

Kitchen for One is a Denver-based Ministry project aimed at helping feed the impoverished healthy street tacos made with quality ingredients served with a side of dignity and hope.

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