Derek Automotive Debuts EV Supercharger That Solves Emission Standards

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Derek Automotive's Proteus supercharger technology will solve automakers emission standard problem.

Philadelphia, PA (PRUnderground) July 25th, 2019

Derek Automotive Technologies, Inc., announced today that the company has entered the final stage of funding for their gas-to-electric Proteus supercharger, an invention that recharges electric vehicles using gas instead of the electric grid.

The Proteus supercharger will be ready for large-scale manufacturing and production in 2020. This news comes on the heels of what some consider the Trump administration’s weakening of the climate plan and a related letter sent to the administration signed by major automakers, requesting a national emissions standard, due to the groups fear of California maintaining stiffer climate rules in defiance of the Trump administration. The Proteus Supercharger could render this emissions standard debate moot.

The automakers argue that the Obama-era standards are unattainable because of increased SUV sales (which tend to burn more fuel); a decrease in sedan sales (which get better mileage); and slower-than-projected adoption of electric and hybrid vehicles. Obama era standards forced automakers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by some 900 million metric tons, while the new Trump plan is targeted to reduce emissions by 11 million metric tons, and have less damaging impact on the economy. The automakers want to offer a’ “midway” plan that would provide about half the targeted Obama savings. “I think President Trump was correct to say that American technologist would bring solutions to the climate problem that wouldn’t harm the economy. Our new Proteus Supercharger has the potential to: put that 900 million metric ton carbon reduction back on the table; help automakers exceed all EPA, California, and Climate Accord goals, by a third; and speed-up the adoption of electric vehicles, without breaking the electric grid. Using technology to solve our big problems has always been the American way” say’s Derek Bailey, the founder Derek Automotive Technologies, Inc.

Bailey further goes on to say, “talk of forcing global automakers to build more electric vehicles which draw power from the electric grid sounds ideal, but in fact, the cost of the additional power generation and capacity increases needed to accommodate the proposed EVs are mind-blowing. For example, China would have to increase power generation 11% and capacity 16%, at a cost of about $735 billion. The numbers for the USA would be 29% and 44%, respectively, at a cost of $1.4 trillion, and the UK would need to increase generation 36% and capacity by 49% at a cost of $140 billion. The EU’s increases would be 34% and 43%, at a cost of $1.3 trillion, and Germany would need to increase capacity 31% and 40%, even more if they closed their coal burning power plants, at a cost approaching $650 billion. That’s a lot of money, and the money doesn’t solve the time-gap problem – how does the world add all that capacity by 2030, or by 2050, even?

The Proteus Supercharger is a 100+ pound gas-to-electric generator that produces up to 149 kW of electricity (about as much as a Tesla charging station) for recharging EV battery banks. It’s basically putting the power plant inside the vehicle to eliminate the need to plug-in to an external power source. “ the average driver will only require about $8 dollars a month of gas to keep their batteries charged, so the Proteus Supercharger offers consumers convenience and significant savings, which should lead to faster adoption of electric vehicles, which will really help automakers overcome their emissions challenges, resulting in very good things for the planet, says Bailey.”

In July 2018, the founders of the Nevada based company received patent #US 10,035,413 B2 for a ‘Hybrid drive system for a motor vehicle’, the technology underlying the Proteus supercharger.

Company mat lab testing shows that the Proteus Supercharger powering an all-electric drivetrain produces a carbon footprint that matches that of an electric vehicle using plug-in recharging, in most places in the world, and far exceeds EPA, California, and EU emission standards. Wide adoption of the Proteus Supercharger has the potential to reduce carbon emission from the transportation sector by two-thirds.

The Company will exhibit its first production automobilel, the MA-3, at a Philadelphia private show in September 2019.

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Retro by Exeeder, LLC is a startup Puerto Rico corporation formed in September 2022, to build an industry around retrofitting ICE vehicles to electric drive-trains, incorporating open-source EV technology along with its parent company’s patented and patent pending battery charging and EV propulsion technologies.

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