Derek Automotive Plans Coast-to-Coast Drive of It’s AVANI e-83 SUV On Just Five Gallons of Gas

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Derek Automotive plans to drive its new AVANI SUV over 2880 miles, from Philadelphia to California, via route I-80, on 5-gallons of gas - achieving a whopping 300 MPGe!

Hatfield, PA (PRUnderground) December 16th, 2019

Derek Automotive Technologies, Inc. announced today that it’s scheduling a coast-to-coast promotional drive using just 5-gallons of fuel to prove its new AVANI e-83 Proteus SUV can achieve 300 MPGe. The new AVANI e-83 has an all-electric drivetrain but the battery banks are recharged by the Company’s patented ‘Warp-Coil’ Proteus Generator which converts gas to electricity for battery recharging, instead of using plug-in charging technology. The promotional coast-to-coast drive is scheduled for March 2021.

This news comes right on the heels of news headlines and national magazine covers featuring climate activists who are concerned about rising CO2 levels and climate change, and in the middle of a raging battle over emissions standards between the automotive industry and State and Federal governments. Derek Automotive’s new AVANI e-83 Proteus vehicles could render the emissions standard debate moot with its 300 MPGe vehicle, and create a path to cutting emissions from the transportation sector by two-thirds, if Proteus Generator technology were widely implemented in the transportation sector.

Automakers are finding that government imposed milage standards are unattainable because of increased SUV sales (which tend to burn more fuel); a decrease in sedan sales (which get better mileage); and slower-than-projected adoption of electric and hybrid vehicles (because consumers don’t like time-consuming plug-in recharging or the weak driving performance of hybrid vehicles). But environmentalist communities are not buying the automakers arguments for reducing emission standards. Their goal is to force a return to the Obama era standards that would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by some 900 million metric tons, annually, according to the EPA’s estimates. “We’re driving coast-to-coast to put a spotlight on the solution to reducing CO2 emissions from the transportation sector – which is to burn less fuel, and reduce emissions from the fuel that is burned. Our e-83 vehicle will prove its emission bonafides by using only five gallons of fuel to travel from Philadelphia to California via route I-80 west. That’s a 300 MPGe, and, according to the EPA, a gas powered vehicle would need to achieve an 80 MPG to be equal to an electric vehicle in terms of CO2 emissions per kilowatt hour” say’s Derek Bailey, the founder of Derek Automotive Technologies, Inc.

Bailey further goes on to say, “Our coast-to-coast drive is about showing consumers, and commercial buyers, that they can buy an electric-drive-vehicle, with near-zero CO2 emissions, that conveniently recharges itself, using our, 90-pound, Proteus Generator, that converts gas into electricity more efficiently than a power plant burning natural gas [the cleanest fossil fuel].  We basically put a power plant, that’s managed by artificial intelligence, inside the vehicle so there is no need to plug-in to an external power plant. Our technology is about convenience for the consumer… i.e. Even if a charging station is placed on every corner in the world, most consumers simply do not have the time in their busy schedules to sit 30 to 90 minutes to recharge a car. We also recently saw, in California, during the wild fires, what happens to electric car drivers when the electric power goes out. We, truly, believe consumers want electric cars, but they also want a more convenient way of keeping them charged, and they must function during power-outages, and Derek Automotive has that solution. In fact, to prove our point about convenience and practicality, we intend to rent whatever is the top selling electric car at the time of our coast-to-coast drive and have a team drive that car in competition with our car to see which car arrives in California first, and with the fewest issues along the way. Of course, we will video tape the entire trip for later broadcast. We think we will win the competition in many ways. The team driving our e-83 Proteus vehicle need only stop for a single 5-gallon fill-up. Worst case scenario, is we need an additional fill-up which would take an additional 5 minutes of time, and our milage would drop to 288 MPGe – which would still be amazing. We think at the end of the coast-to-coast drive millions of consumers will want a self-charging e-83 Proteus vehicle, and that’s our ultimate goal.”

In July 2018, the founders of the Nevada based company received patent #US 10,035,413 B2 for a ‘Hybrid drive system for a motor vehicle’. The patented drive system combines a prime-mover with a new type of generator to create a high-efficiency power plant for electric drive vehicles. Unlike other hybrid systems the engine generator does not engage the wheels, and is only used to provide electric power to the battery banks and drive motors. It is not a scooter-motor range extender like in the BMW i-3, but a fully developed kilowatt power plant.

Company Mat lab testing shows that the Proteus Generator can use gasoline to produce level-3 charging capability, on par with similar level-3 superchargers, and when combined with an electric drivetrain produces vehicles that far exceed EPA and California emission standards, meaning massive carbon reduction, and the level of convenience-of-charging that will drive wide-scale consumer adoption of the electric drivetrains, setting the stage for an auto sector selling only Derek Automotive’s Proteus electric and other makers all-electric vehicles, to drastically cut CO2 emissions, globally.

“The ‘Proteus Generator’ will shift the paradigm around how fast we can combat climate change because of the quantum leap in fuel efficiency and emission reductions, combined with the speed at which we can bring Proteus Generator equipped vehicles to market, Bailey explains, and goes on to say…Our new Proteus technology was conceived to build a new fleet of sustainable vehicles that virtually eliminates pollution from the auto sector. Our AVANI e-83 Proteus vehicles will validate our technology and then we hope other automakers will adopt the technology for use with their electric vehicles to create a new, super-low emission, auto sector.”

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