Derek Automotive Technologies Announces the Proteus One (Planet-Saver) – A Self-Charging Electric SUV

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While Big Automakers Struggle to Meet California Fleet Emission Standards Derek Automotive introduces a 200 MPGe SUV that will set a new standard.

Philadelphia, PA (PRUnderground) July 29th, 2019

Derek Automotive Technologies, an electric vehicle manufacturer, has released information about the first of its Proteus cars, vehicles with all-electric drivetrains and a gas-to-electric Proteus ‘warp-coil-generator ‘ to recharge the battery banks, instead of a plug-in charger.

The automaker will introduce fully-electric SUV – the MA-3 (which uses fast plug-in charging) in September 2019, and plans to showcase the Proteus One – (Planet-Saver) in early 2021.

The highly anticipated Proteus One electric SUV will have no charging ports, instead the Proteus ‘warp-coil-generator-charger’ switches-on to recharge the batteries, as needed. The Proteus One vehicle design has been developed to offer consumers; the thrill-factor of all-electric drive, the convenience of quickly adding a few gallons of gas per month to keep the vehicle charged, and the satisfaction of driving one of the greenest vehicles on the planet. The Proteus One car body will be manufactured in China with the generator technology integrated here in the USA.

“We’re launching Derek Automotive with two vehicles: The MA-3, to quickly show that we can build an electric car that can compete with anyone’s, and the Proteus One, that reimagines how electric vehicles should be recharged,” said Derek Automotive Founder and CEO Derek Bailey. “I started Derek Automotive to solve the CO2 emissions problem in the automotive sector – and I believe electric vehicles are a huge part of that solution, but EV’s can’t help with climate change if no one wants to buy them, because of cost and inconvenience. Borrowing from Star Trek, we’ve patented a ‘warp-coil-generator’ that takes a volt at the input-end and runs it through a magnetic field (we call it a warp-field) to amplify voltage at the output end, creating a new supercharger for rapid recharging of EV batteries, that’s small enough to fit inside the vehicle. Our gas-to-electric charger is so efficient that it produces a carbon footprint that’s about the same as an EV recharged from a clean natural gas power plant. Putting the charger inside the vehicle allows consumers to recharge a Proteus electric vehicle in 3-minutes (at the gas station) instead of 45 minutes (at some remote charger) – such convenience has the potential to propel EV sales, and reducing overall CO2 emissions from the transportation sector, with our warp-coil-charger technology leading the way.”

The Proteus ‘Warp-Coil-Generator’ Supercharger

The foundation of the Proteus One is Derek Automotive’s, 3-stage Warp-coil-Generator, which uses stage 1 rotational power from the company’s patented engine design to produce electrical current that is applied to the Stationary Field Coils and creates a magnetic field between the two Stationary Fields. The strength of this magnetic field is variable and controlled by the input control circuitry. The Rotating Armatures in the Control IN Generator move through the magnetic field in this stage and create an output current that is directly applied to the rotating portion of Stage 3, thus eliminating the need for brushes. Additionally, the two Rotating Armatures are at right angles to each other, which eliminates magnetic coupling between them, producing in each a power gain of 100:1. This unique application of an inside-out generator has a rotating armature that is current-fed by the rotating portion of Stage 2.  The magnetic field rotating with this armature is always 90 degrees away from the Stage 2 output field, and therefore does not affect it.

The Prime Mover supplies rotational energy to this rotating armature, moving it through the stationary output coils of Stage 3, which then induces a large current in the windings of the output coil.  The power gain of the Stage 3 generator is also 100:1 and at a constant 90 degree offset from the Input Field Coil of Stage 2. The resultant output field does not affect the input field. Ultimately, the combined power gains are multiplied, providing an overall input to output power of nearly 10,000:1.

The warp-coil-generator is the foundation for our 3-phase kilowatt power-plant, with a state-of-the-art battery management & charging control system, that produces 160 kW of available AC power, which is converted to DC power to provide level, on-demand, DC (direct current) for the interior cabin and recharging of the battery modules. This in-vehicle power plant allows for the use of fewer and less expensive batteries, reducing costs in vehicle production.

Climate Change

(The following is taken from the website of the Union of Concerned Scientist.) 

In order to effectively address global warming, we must significantly reduce the amount of heat-trapping emissions we are putting into the atmosphere, and a key step to be taken is to reduce the use of fossil fuels through fuel efficiency. Also known as “fuel economy,” fuel efficiency is a measure of how far a vehicle can travel per unit of fuel. In the United States, this is expressed as “miles per gallon” (mpg). Fuel efficient vehicles require less gas to go a given distance. When we burn less gas, we use less oil. When we use less oil, we cut global warming emissions and produce less pollution. And because we’re using less fuel, we’re spending less on gas—a lot less.

Improving the fuel efficiency of U.S. vehicles is the biggest single step we can take to cut America’s oil consumption in half. In fact, doubling the fuel efficiency of new cars, trucks, and commercial vehicles would, by 2035, save over 5 million barrels of oil per day.

Derek Automotive’s Proteus charger technology is anticipated to more than triple fuel triple fuel efficiency in its Proteus vehicles.

About Derek Group

About RETRO by Exeeder, LLC

Retro by Exeeder, LLC is a startup Puerto Rico corporation formed in September 2022, to build an industry around retrofitting ICE vehicles to electric drive-trains, incorporating open-source EV technology along with its parent company’s patented and patent pending battery charging and EV propulsion technologies.

About Derek Automotive

As America’s first minority-controlled electric vehicle maker, Derek Automotive is developing vehicles, technology, and retrofit services that will shift the way we think about and recharge electric vehicles. The Company’s mission is to become the most significant carbon reduction company in the world.

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