Destin Fishing Charters Forced to Raise Prices Due to Unprecedented Inflation

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Besides the pandemic, Destin fishing charters will now have to face a new challenge: the unprecedented inflation forcing them to increase their rates.

Destin, FL (PRUnderground) July 28th, 2022

Destin fishing charters are having trouble staying afloat amid inflation significantly hitting gas prices and other goods. Gas prices have doubled, and with captains needing to pay more for quality fuel, captains are faced with difficult choices: Raise prices, cut profits, or even shut down operations temporarily or permanently.

“It’s a shame that we must pass on the rising costs to charter customers, but it’s necessary if charter captains want to keep the lights open while still being able to earn enough for themselves,” says Tim Stocks, owner of Destin Fishing Charters.

Inflation’s effects have become even more damaging to charter captains handling bigger boats that need to go further for offshore excursions. Before, around $1,500 was enough for a full-day charter. Fast forward to today, it now takes more than $1,800 to $2,000, which has given captains no choice but to raise the rates.

But there is some good news for fishing charters, and that’s the fact that people are still paying to join or hire charter services. As the world enters a new normal, people are slowly traveling and tourism is set to rise this year, with people willing to pay to enjoy a day out fishing when in Destin.

“While the fishing charter industry isn’t out of the woods yet, it’s relieving to know that, despite not as many customers as before, captains are still busy accommodating fishing trips,” says Tim Stocks.

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