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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (PRUnderground) January 14th, 2023

Have you ever been injured in a motor vehicle accident and searched online for an injury lawyer? You soon discover that every personal injury lawyer tries to show you they are the best. Not every lawyer has the knowledge to deal with motor accident cases. So how can you decide whom to hire? If you’ve been injured in a vehicle accident, you will want to consider a proven approach that can win the case for you. Get to know the approach used by Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law.

A ThreeBestRated® personal injury lawyer since 2018, Joseph A. Nagy exclusively helps people injured in motor vehicle accidents. Joe’s comprehensive knowledge of Alberta laws and the case laws relevant to every type of motor vehicle accident and injury is his specialty. That alone distinguishes him from many other lawyers. Joe also knows all of the major insurance companies and their adjusters. Most importantly, Joe says, “I know the proper procedure to get the best possible compensation for my clients,” which is the confidence any lawyer has to have.

Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law doesn’t just rely on knowledge and experience to win cases. Joe “builds” injury cases as if they were going to trial. “I build an injury case by using scientific, medical, and other personal injury experts who are prepared to testify at trial. Insurance companies know I build injury cases that increase their risk of not settling. I take great pride in standing up for the little guy and making insurance companies pay fair compensation”, says Joe. The successful resolution of thousands of injury claims throughout his career provides evidence of his success.

Joseph A. Nagy’s practice is different in other important ways. When you hire Joe, he will design a strategy specific to your case and provide the special care your case deserves. He stays with his clients from the first free consultation right through the resolution of their injury claims. “My clients trust me,” Joe says. “I get to know my clients. There is more of a personal relationship. Clients know that I understand the trauma they are experiencing due to their injury, their immediate needs, and their health and financial worries about what the future holds. A client should never have to worry about whether I am taking care of them. My job is to protect them, ease their stress and financial hardship, and work my very hardest to obtain the compensation they deserve. When I’m their lawyer, they know I’m on the job.”

About Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law

Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law is a personal injury law firm located in Edmonton, Alberta and represents people injured in motor vehicle accidents in central and northern Alberta.

Joe makes sure his personal, client-focused approach to injury law extends through everything his firm does. He ensures that each of his clients feels welcomed when they email, phone, or visit his offices in person. He gives back to his community by supporting important organizations like the Brain Care Centre and FAIR Alberta, which fights against Alberta’s planned move to “no-fault insurance,” a change that could remove the right of injury victims to sue if they are injured in an accident.

Joe even wants his website to do more than just advertise his experience and abilities in helping injury victims. He works on making it a go-to resource for injury victims, a place where they can ask questions and find answers. He recently added a plain-language glossary of injury law terms to his website. Joe explains that his aim is to help injury victims, reduce their stress, and provide solutions when they are confronted by the complexities of insurance claims and the legal system.

Joseph A. Nagy’s dedication has helped him to cross the rigorous 50-Point Inspection and feature in ThreeBestRated® listing and move into larger offices with free parking for clients. Get in touch with him at https://josephanagy.com/.

“My firm is growing and ThreeBestRated® is playing an important role in that growth. You can’t buy your rating. You have to earn it with top rankings in their rating system. If you qualify, you soon discover that people searching online for an injury lawyer check out ThreeBestRated® and that increases the likelihood they will contact me. Their customer support is top-notch, and they respond to each of our small concerns too”, says Joe.

About ThreeBestRated®

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ThreeBestRated® has the honor of helping 4.5 million customers every month find the best businesses in any city – without any effort!

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